Tuesday, August 8, 2017

VBS 2017 - Rome: Paul and the Underground Church

VBS 2017 Rome was AH-mazing!!! 😆 Yes I have been saying so all over social media but I just can't help it!!! God was surely present as always. Even when we felt that we would not have enough children this year because of the 'tight economy', we still had over 80 children and about 20-25 volunteers. Honestly, God be praise! 😇

This year we role-played Apostle Paul's story as a prisoner in Rome while the Underground church was praying for him. My Roman role-play name was Aunty Christiana. "Christiana" means "Follower of Christ" in Roman 😇

Once again, I was privileged to be the Extollo aka Celebration Leader. "Extollo" in Roman means "Praise". Extollo time held both in the morning before activities and at closing time. I enjoyed dancing and singing with the children, teenagers and adults. It was a time everyone had fun glorifying God. Every year as a Celebration Leader, there is always one song that gets me to tears. This year it was "Amazing Grace". The song reminds me of how God's grace has covered me all my life. I am truly grateful for His grace and mercies 🙏

I had the opportunity to also play the role of a shop-keeper at the Rome Market Place. I was stationed at the Toga Shop. Toga was an expensive garment made of wool fabric which was worn by high status and wealthy men only during the Roman empire. The children had the opportunity to rent a toga and take a picture with it. I explained to my 'customers' that as Christians when they wear the toga, they represent God's royalties just as it's written in 1st Peter 2:9 - "But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession..." I enjoyed telling the history of the toga and connecting it to the Word of God. They all looked really royal in their togas! 💜

Every VBS, I also work as the Operation Kid-2-kid (OK2K) Coordinator. This is a program aimed at getting VBS children to help other under privileged children in their community. Though we didn't have a special station for Ok2k this year, we still got the children to donate food stuff, good hand-me-down clothes and cash gift for the orphanage we visited. Once again, we visited Hearts of Gold (Hoghospice). The children were touched to see the disabled children and decided that they would be praying for them. Coordinating Ok2k is usually one of my highlights during VBS. I love that we encourage children to give from their hearts to other children who are less privileged. 💕

Next year, we go to Babylon: Daniel's Courage in Captivity. Am already excited! 😊 Hope to see you at VBS 2018!!!😉

Enjoy pictures at VBS Rome...😊 A big SHOUT OUT to our Photographer, Dumebi Almona. Good job honey! 😉

Aunty Christiana with our 'TY-Bello' in the making, Dumebi Almona 😉

Aunty Christiana with our awesome VBS Director, Mrs. Chinyere Almona 😊


Extollo Time

Game Time

Family Time

Visiting Apostle Paul in prison with his guard

Apostle Paul and his guard

At the Market place making craft

A visit to the Underground Church

VBS Roman Teens

VBS Roman Children

Tuck of War during Game Time

Extollo Leader and Toga Shop Keeper...two humbling and exciting roles 😇

VBS Roman Volunteers with VBS Director

VBS Rome Family

VBS Rome Volunteers