Monday, February 6, 2017

IGNITE GLA 2017 with the Lindseys

IGNITE 2017 was BEAUTIFUL! I felt God's presence!😇👐 And am sure everyone that attended and truly opened their hearts to receive God's revival would say the same. It was GOD-FILLING!!!! 😇 
People fell under the anointing. 
People genuinely wept and asked God for total revival. 
People received the Holy Spirit and the gift of Speaking in tongues. inclusive, did not leave the same way we came...we were truly revived through God's mercy and grace 😇

One of my favorite Christian couple, The Lindseys, came to Nigeria for the first time and preached their hearts out at the program. On the first day, Heather Lindsey preached on "The Pit To The Palace" where she spoke about how God taught her and her husband to go through life challenges by trusting Him through it all and coming out victorious. While on the second day, Cornelius Lindsey preached on "Don't Let Your Fire Burn Out" where he spoke about keeping the alter of God on fire. He challenged Christians to change by moving away from stagnation and setting their communities, workplaces, homes, e.t.c on fire with the Gospel of Christ.

The music ministrations were powerful! Nathaniel Bassey and Mairo Ese brought down the Holy Spirit with their worship. Flo Rocka made us dance and sing our hearts out to God Almighty. Ighiwiyisi took us through a wonderful worship session. And the Choir of Guiding Light Assembly (GLA), the host church, took us through some spirit filled ministrations. 

The program also had a Panel of four Christian guests who were asked questions sent by the audience, about their Christian faith. The guest that stood out for me was Lynxxx. I have known Lynxxx to be a secular artist, so I was surprised when I saw he would be part of a Christian panel. But it was nice to hear his testimony of how God arrested him which led him to rededicated his life. He now evangelizes the Gospel of Christ to his fans and the world.

I got to meet a few Pinky Promise Lagos sisters who did a great work making the event a memorable one. I also got to buy two of the Lindseys' books, Fighting Together by Cornelius & Heather Lindsey and The Purpose Room by Heather Lindsey. You can order their books here, here and here.

L & M:With my little princess, Shekemi & my sister, Toyin
R: With one of the Pink Promise Lagos Sisters, Tosin Alabi

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