Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2017 - The Month of Letters

I LOVE handwritten letters! 😍
I LOVE the fact that someone sat down, took their time to write me a personal letter and that the letter went through highs & lows to get to me 😍
I LOVE snail mails aka post cards! 😍
I LOVE collecting stamps! 😍
Yea weird!!! 🙈 Lol! I am a Deltiologist aka postcard collector and a Philatelist aka stamp collector by nature 😁

So this month of February, which is the MONTH OF LETTERS, I will try my best to send a post card a day or probably 5 post cards in a week (the post office is quite far from me 😥) to people around the world that love postcards like me 😊

Check Postcrossing and A Month of Letters for more details and come join in the challenge 😉

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