Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Start Your Online Course Retreat with Stephanie Obi

I have been following...ok let me use my twinny's term, 'stalking' (Lol!) Stephanie Obi since 2014. I got to know Stephanie through her younger sister, who was my junior in secondary school and also went to the same university with both of us. 

I was going through my Facebook, one day and saw Stephanie's website. I subscribed, mainly out of curiosity. Every Wednesday, she would send a mail concerning starting your own online course. The more she sent her mails, the more I got curious about online courses. So this year, my twinny and I decided to go for her "once-in-a-blue-moon" workshop retreat. 

The workshop held at Whispering Palms, Badagry and was organized by Social Prefect Tours. I am glad we went for the workshop. It opened my eyes to see that I have a lot to do and think about before I start my own online course. One thing to note, until you are sure of the exact course(s) you want to share to the world, you can't start your own online course. My biggest lesson from the workshop was that "THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY".

 Online Course Lesson 101!!!

The workshop was soul-searching for all of us that attended. Stephanie really had her 'A-game'...the girl sure knows her onions! 😉 And it was great hanging out with great boss ladies at the retreat 😏

With my "Die-hard-girl", Queenie aka Twinny

Whispering Palm's Retreat with the #bossladies 👌👌

Be GINGERED to start your online course ("Ginger,o! Ginger!" *in Steph's voice* Lol!)

You can find out more about Stephanie Obi on her  website and her instagram page.

Cheers to starting my online course 👐


  1. Awwww, Thank you Nene for this review. I'm glad it helped.

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