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Birthday Venue Ideas - The Fakoya-Smith Kids 👦👧

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Before you ask, no, I don't have twins, o! 😄  I would have loved to have twins 😀 But I thank God for the two beautiful children He graciously gave my husband and I: Oluwadijimi Zinachidi Issac (my son) 👦 and Oluwashekemi Lotanna Hannah (my daughter) 👧

We recently celebrated my daughter's one year birthday. So I was thinking it would be nice to share both my children's birthday party venues and plans...at least give parents options that are available here in Lagos, Nigeria based on both my experiences.

BIRTHDAY PARTY THEME: When organizing a birthday party or any type of party, it is nice to have a theme. This makes planning the party really exciting 😊  For my son, we did a Pilot birthday theme and we used a little angel theme for my daughter. Both themes were extremely cute 💕

Flying and Celebrating Captain Dijimi @ 1 

Meet Captain Dijimi Fakoya-Smith
Lil' Angel Shekemi 😇 banner courtesy Aunty Kiki 😗

 Meet Lil' Angel Shekemi Fakoya-Smith 😇 

VENUE: I HATE house parties with a passion!!! 😤  Especially when planning birthday parties for children! Unless your house is as big as a castle or the outside of your house is spacious and garden-like, then for me, it is a no-no to do house parties. My pet-peeves for organizing house birthday parties are the hosting stress and after-party-cleaning. I prefer to go somewhere, enjoy the service and come home to wash up and sleep. No late night cleaning after a stressful day. Yes, parties can be stressful if you are the host. That said, for both my children's 1st birthdays, I prayed seriously not to host it at home.

For my son, we used a lovely kids event center called, Park Land Amusement Center located at  Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos. They have a range of packages that you can pick according to your budget. What I loved about the place was the available games for kids to play. For my son's 1 year party, they provided the decorations, food for kids only, the DJ and MC and of course the games. We just brought his pilot cake (before nko!😜), food for adults (Catered by my sis-in-law's friend. Her food was yummy!) and of course our guests and the celebrant, Captain Dijimi 👮 

For my daughter, we decided to do an intimate family birthday party (Recession,o!!! 😂 When they say there is a casting down, we, the children of God will say there is a lifting up! Can I hear an AMEN????? 😇) Now this was tricky because I did not know any family friendly affordable place in Las Gidi....remember, I hate house parties! 😒 Then my lil sis, Kiki, came to the rescue!!!! My Wonder-Woman 😚 She asked Eat.Drink.Lagos and one of their suggestions was Spur Family Restaurant.  So I goggled and found that their Victoria Island branch was just behind my office. So during my break, I went to check it out. As you enter you are greeted with a jungle and Red Indian theme ambiance which was very relaxing. I got to meet the lovely manager, who is someone I know 😉 By the time I went through the menu list and got a tour of the place, I fell in love! 💖 I call it the IHOP and Au Fudge of Naija 😁 I liked the fact that they had video games and puzzle games for both children and "abayas" (meaning adult-children 😀). The outside was facing the ocean....breath taking for photo shoots! Our guests loved the venue. The food, which they make from scratch as you order, was delicious. I was given a tour of the kitchen during the party to see how meals were prepared. You must try Spur's milk shake! A delight!!!😋 Another cool fact is that more than one party can be happening in Spur with no one distracting the other. In fact, there was another birthday party going on at another section of the restaurant during our party and I didn't even notice 😃 If you want to do a small get together on a budget, I recommend Spur Family Restaurant 😊  You can read Spur Restaurant's reviews from Unraveling Nigeria and Eat Drink Lagos


Lagos has many lovely event centers where you can organize birthday parties. If you ask or research you would find them around. You can check out this link with various kiddies event centers in Lagos.

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