Monday, August 1, 2016

The Voice Nigeria 2016 Winner - TEAM A'RESE!!! πŸ‘Š

Yaaaay!!! My 'long lost twinny' WON the 1st edition of The Voice Nigeria!!!!! 

Agharese Emokpae, aka A’rese, who was mentored by singer Waje (GO TEAM WAJE!!!), was awarded with a recording contract, an SUV worth N7 million and a 4-night gateway to Dubai, for emerging the winner. A'rese, for campaigning for you like craze, you must pick me to go with you to Dubai,o! *raises eyebrow* LOL!

I loved the genuine stunned look both she and Waje had on their faces when she was announced as the winner....truly EPIC!!!
 Waje & A'rese's EPIC Win look!

EPiC look of a winner!!! Lol!

As always she looked stunning in all her African attires and her beautiful natural hair. And her lovely voice...deep and silky *sigh* In fact a lot of people thought that she was related to me *batting eyes* For una records, she is my other 'long lost' twin sister *sticks out tongue* Thanks to everyone who voted for her! See the way I dey thank una as if she be my twin sister true true...LMAO!!!

 A'rese's lovely African attire while singing ‘Think’ by Aretha Franklin

TEAM A'RESE!!! ANkEnation πŸ‘Š

Watch A'rese's final two performance..Enjoy!

A'rese singing ‘Think’ by Aretha Franklin 

#TeamWaje sings “Omini Knowest” 

A'rese singing ‘Hallelujah’ by Alexandra Burke 

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