Friday, August 26, 2016

Tourism and Tour Guides in Nigeria


Let me be plain honest with una. Ever since the 'Dollar Saga' hit us here for Naija, everyone has been looking for ways to cut (e.g. sweet potatoes has replaced yam in my!), clothing ('Wedding color' outfit don over throw aso-ebi *giggles*), money saving and investing has become the order of the day and 'Entrepreneurship' is becoming a serious trend (Thank you, Forever *shines teeth*)

Another major tread caused by the 'Dollar saga' is traveling. I'm sure if I ask the aviation industry and travel agencies around the world about their 'turn-out' this year especially from the continent of Africa, I am very sure they would give a negative response. At the moment, the 'Dollar saga' isn't encouraging African Nigerians to travel to ogbodo oyibo (western world),o! This year alone, very few people I know were able to fly abroad (ogbodo oyibo) to spend their summer. Most spent it either here in Nigeria, or in some African country such as South Africa, Zanzibar or Seychelles.

What is my take on this 'Dollar saga'? I think it is a 'nice crisis' *shines teeth* Why? Because it is   making us to appreciate our own local content...our own local products...our own local space. I mean, Nigerians are now looking inwards. Domestic tourism is now becoming a fast trend, which is so beautiful! I am a tourist lover! Yes, you all know (especially my faithful readers) that I love to travel. Though I have not been able to do a lot of that at the moment (child rearing & wifey-duty!). But it doesn't mean I no get plans for that anytime soon with my family of course *wink*

Tourism is one of the world's largest industry and generator of jobs. All the thirty-six (36) states in Nigeria are blessed with more than one tourist site. Just to mention one in each state: ABIA (National War Museum); ADAMAWA (Three Sister Rocks); AKWA-IBOM (Oron Regatta); ANAMBRA (Ogbunike Cave); BAUCHI (Yankari National Park); BENUE (Makurdi Zoo); BORNO (Lake Chad Sanctuary); CROSS RIVER (Obudu Cattle Ranch); DELTA (Escravos Sand Beaches); EDO (Ososo Tourist Center); ENUGU/EBONYI (Nkpologu Silicon Sands); GOMBE (Emir's Palace); IMO (Mbari Cultural Centre); JIGAWA (Baturiya Birds Sanctuary); KADUNA (Nok Museum); KANO (Falgore Game Reserves); KATSINA (Durbar Festival); KEBBI (Argungu Fishing Festival); KOGI (Relics of Colonial History); KWARA (Owu Falls); LAGOS (Whispering Palm, Badagry); NIGER (Lady Kwali Pottery); OGUN (Olumo Rock); ONDO/EKITI (Ikogosi Warm Spring); OSUN (Ooni of Ile-Ife's Palace); OYO (Okpara Game Reserve); PLATEAU/NASARAWA (Jos Wildlife Park); RIVERS/BAYELSA (Oloibiri Oil Museum); SOKOTO/ZAMFARA (Sokoto Museum); TARABA (Kpambo and Fikuyu Mysterious Rocks); YOBE (Hadejia-Nguru Bird Life Project) and The Federal Capital Territory, ABUJA (Zuma Rock).

So I have decided to interview a few Nigerian Tour Operators, who I have been following and plan to tour with someday soon. This is to encourage both Nigerians and foreigners to invest and encourage domestic and international tourism in Nigeria. Forget all that story that "Nigeria isn't safe" Abeg tell me where in the world is safe? *raises eyebrow* Just come and see what we have in stock in Nigeria. You will be amazed by how blessed and beautiful our tourism industry is. I am not saying we should not travel self still get some places outside Naija and Africa where I wan visit. But I am saying we should help encourage the tourism industry in our dear nation. 

Watch out my blog for the interviews *smiles*

Monday, August 22, 2016

RIO 2016 Olympics

So RIO 2016 Olympics has come and gone??? Na wa,o! 16 days of upbeat sporting activities! This is the first Olympics I would actually seat down and try and watch all the sport games. From diving to swimming to weight lifting (all my hubby's favorite) to gymnastics (my favorite) to synchronizing (both diving and swimming) to athletics to football and many more. It was a jammed packed Olympics. And I heard they would be adding more games in the next one *whew*

This Olympics saw athletes breaking and making new world records. It also saw some making history, such as Usain Bolt, Micheal Phelps, Simeon Biles and many more. United States topped the list for the most gold and most medals, followed by Great Britain and China. My dear country, Nigeria, got only one medal, bronze from football. While the host nation, Brazil did well by winning seven gold medals, their most in any past Summer Olympics.


Once again Procter & Gamble launched a "Thank You, Mom" campaign for Rio 2016 to celebrate mothers of Olympians. Watch their "Thank You, Mom - Strong" video.

Like I mentioned above, Gymnastics is my best Olympic game and I try not to ever miss it. Watching the likes of Simeon Biles and her fellow gymnasts from around the world jumping, swinging and somersaulting was amazing!!! Gabriella Douglas, who was the first African-American woman in Olympic history to become the individual all-around champion, inspired my dream of wanting my daughter(s) to try gymnastics...if they don't mind *giggles*. I recently came across Arat Hosseini - check him out here, here and here (I actually taught he was a!) Awesome gymnast! He is going to be a World Champion and Olympic Champion gymnast,o! My daughter dey follow suit o!!! *shines teeth* #aspiringolympicmomdreams 
RIO 2016 OLYMPIC MEDALS: Wouldn't it be great to have one  all of my kids win an plenty Olympic medals? Gold medals in fact!!! *winks*

RIO 2016, to me, did justice with the 31st Olympics. Both the Opening and Closing ceremonies, which I stayed awake to watch, 2am and 11pm respectively (difference of time zone saga) were colorful and very entertaining.

The 32nd Olympics would hold in JAPAN 2020! Hello Kitty...Manga Cartoons like Captain Tsubasa aka Captain Majid...iconic game character, Super Mario (both bring back child hood memories)...High-Tech...Robots...Ninjas are some of what we should be experiencing with JAPAN 2020. Hopefully, my family and I would make it live at JAPAN 2020 *fingers crossed* It would be an awesome experience staying in Tokyo and rocking the Olympics *shines teeth*

Well done to all the RIO 2016 athletes! Four years of training and making it to the Olympics is no joke, whether you won a medal or not. *fistbump*

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show 2016

The Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show 2016 (#NNHB2016) is happening on September 24th, 2016. It is hosted by The Kinky Apothecary, which is owned by Nibi Lawson. 

A brief history of me and The Kinky Apothecary can be found here, here and here

For all Kinky babes in Lagos and even outside Las Gidi, it would be a nice event for you all to attend. You can register here. Early Bird Ticket discount has been extended until AUGUST 21ST, 2016. So hurry now and buy.

I have been enjoying my natural hair journey for  four (4) years now and I don't think I would be stopping anytime soon,o! Really looking forward to #NNHB2016 to learn, buy hair goodies, mingle with my natural sisters *wink* and many more.

My natural hair journey so far...


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