Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Voice Nigeria 2016 - Team A'rese!!!

Wasn't really interested in The Voice Nigeria until my sister-in-laws told me that there was one contestant that reminded them of me. That she loved dressing in African styles, like me; had natural hair, like me and that even her face...she looked like me...LOL! Her name is A'rese Emokpae.

So by force, I went to check her out and got hooked! Hehehehe! She sure knows how to sing. And she has both good stage presence and facial expressions while singing. Plus she has a lovely smile *smiles* The other contestants are good too, but she has become my favorite maybe because she does remind me of myself *grins*

Please vote for A'RESE: SMS 25 to 33120 (N50 per vote) and 100 times for FREE on WeChat
#ANkEnation 👊 #THEVOICENIGERIA #TEAMARESE #TEAMWAJE #mythevoicenaijalookalike *grinning*

Voting closes TODAY, Wednesday 27th July, 2016 at 10am WAT. Eshe. Dalu. Danke. *batting eyes*

Check out her The Voice Nigeria videos

Blind Auditions - A’rese sings 'Skyfall' 

The Battles - A’rese vs Flourish sing ‘Stronger’
 Live Show - A'rese sings "Hide & Seek" 

Live Show - A'rese sings "Down" 

Live Show - A'rese sings "Circle Of Life" 

Live Show - A'rese sings "When Trouble Sleeps" 

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