Friday, April 22, 2016

2016 Earth Day: UberRECYCLE

Happy Earth Day!!!! There are so many "Special Event Days" these days. Trying to keep up, mehn!!!

To celebrate 2016 Earth Day, Uber Lagos teamed up with Wecyclers yesterday, April 21st, 2016, to collect everyone’s recyclable waste between 8am and 1pm. They restricted the items to be collected to paper, metal, plastics and glass.  

Unfortunately for me, I tried to get them to come over at my place in Surulere but to no avail. No Uber car was available at my area *sigh* Was really looking forward to participating. Had two big bags of plastic bottles to dash them. Oh well...! Lol! Will look at how I can get involved with Wecyclers. I think we all should. Let's help to keep our Las Gidi clean and fresh *wink*