Friday, February 5, 2016

The 'KOYA Bond....

So what's up with this 'KOYA bond? *smiles*

Queen-Anne IfeKOYA aka 'Queenie' is my doppelganger if I may say. We have so many wonderful memories together:
I was her Maid of Honor.
I am her daughter's god-mother.
She is my "Assistant" *shinning teeth*
We both got married in December (Her's 2011 & Mine 2012) with the names 'KOYA at the end of our surnames: IfeKOYA and FaKOYA...what a coincidence!!! *grins*
We 'planned' to have our babies numero deux together and we did, to the glory of God. Her son born Oct 14th, 2015 and my daughter born Nov 18th, 2015, even though we were just one week apart  *Praise God*
And we have many more memories to create together by God's grace...*winks*

So how did this Yoruba and Igbo girlzzz meet? Her cousin, who is a good friend and who I played basket-ball with back then in university, told me about a cousin of his who looks and acts so much like me. The day he finally introduced us, it was 'love at first sight'...we bonded at the spot! Lol!

Twinny and I's friendship turned sisterhood has been going on for about 13 years now and the bond is getting stronger, thank God. Though she does get on my nerves sometimes, I love her like CRAY!!!! *sticks tongue at her* Many people look for this kind of friendship and sisterhood bond but can't find. I thank God I have her as one *love struck*

Cheers to many more years of sisterhood, Twinny mi!!!! xoxo

Please do check out our UNICEF 'KOYA Baby Shower website. We really look forward to your contributions. Thank you in advance. Love the "KOYA Sisters *kisses & hugs*