Friday, October 16, 2015

Boma GOSkydiving!!!!

I love it when my friends get adventurous!!! *shinning teeth* Bomski, you have made me proud!!! *thumbs up*

Boma goes Sky-diving at GOSky Dive 

Don't worry folks, day...I too shall post my own sky diving pictures *winks*

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Spirit of David's Musical Stage Drama: The Butcher and the Bridge

I have become a stage play fan! This new found hobby started sometime last year when a friend made me buy tickets for my hubby and I to watch a stage play at Terra Kulture. Since then, we got HOOKED!!! Well my hubby has always liked stage plays but it was around sometime last year it was "revived" in our society...thanks to online stores like DealDey.

About two (2) week ago, I saw a ticket deal on DealDey regarding a musical stage play by Spirit of David (SOD). Spirit of David (SOD) is a Nigerian gospel dance group that has been in existence since 1997. They have done 90 shows staged in 40 cities around the world. I first heard about SOD when I was in high school. I also recall watching their dance competition show, Celebrity Takes 2, where Nigerian celebrities were paired up with SOD dance instructors with the intention of promoting dance development in Nigeria while sharing the Good News!  I enjoyed watching their first two seasons. Season 2 was my best because I enjoyed watching Wale "Rubber", a seasoned SOD dance instructor and Stella Damascus, one of Nigerian's best female actors dances. They were my best dance couple...unfortunately they didn't win. But it was a good show.
Celebrity Takes 2 - Season 2: Stella Damascus & Wale "Rubber"

Check out one of their dances:

The stage play was titled "The Butcher and the Bridge". This was actually their 90th stage show. The story was about a young Christian couple who full of faith and devotion, had worked hard to get to where they are in life. Their dreams and ambitions are finally around the corner until fate rips them from their comfort zone and throws them into a danger war torn region. Their happiness and joy is tested beyond their wildest imaginations in the face of these new and horrific fears. It was an interesting and heart-felt musical stage play. All the actors and dancers were amazing! I particularly loved and enjoyed the dance sessions of the play! Well done, SOD!!! You guys def didn't disappoint! *thumbs up*

By the way, I was privileged to meet Wale "Rubber" *shinning teeth* He had a short dance part in the play. He was also one of the Choreography Supervisors for the play. I made sure I took a snap shot with him *wink*

A shout out to my new found friend, Yetunde Mojola and her sister. They were SOD's Costume Coordinators for the stage play. I particularly loved the angels and Jesus' outfits. Also the militants outfits...they truly looked, behaved and dressed like one! Oh not to forget Sir Tan, the owner of an exquisite bar in the play, acted and well played by Yinka Davies. Her outfit was hilarious...Drama Queen on point! She reminded me of "Cruella De Vil" in Disney's 101! Nice one ladies! *thumbs up*
 A sneak peek picture of "Sir Tan" aka Yinka Davies' Character

So next time you hear SOD is doing a stage play, make sure you buy your ticket on time,o! It would get sold out before you know it because they are just AWESOME!!!