Monday, September 14, 2015

Natural Hair Dolls by Healthy Roots

Everyday one enters the internet and finds someone or a group of people doing extra ordinary things! While going through Bino & Fino's blog, I came across the Healthy Roots Dolls.

Healthy Roots Dolls is a collection of African-American, Haitian, Nigerian, Pacific Islander and Afro-Brazilian dolls designed to combat racism and racial stereotypes by encouraging young black females to embrace their natural hair.

Meet the Healthy Roots Dolls: Marinda (The Pacific Islander), Zoé (The African-American) , Gaïana (The Haitian) and Dara (The Nigerian)

The founder and creative director Yelitsa Jean-Charles explained, “Healthy Roots teaches girls of color self-love through education, diversity and positive representation. If the toys we play with influence how we perceive ourselves, imagine the kind of impact we can have with a toy that aims to inspire and empower.” The project also includes an instructive hair care manual and book series that would teach girls how to take care of their natural hair.

3D Version of the Healthy Roots Dolls

The Healthy Roots Dolls Package

Healthy Roots Dolls - Big Book of Hair Manual

A $35K Kickstarter campaign was launched in support of Healthy Roots. Their aim is to get these dolls in the arms of little girls. Therefore, they need to reach a minimum order of 2,500 dolls. 

Watch the video below and learn more about the Kickstarter campaign:

This is the kind of cause I like to support. This project would help to create a positive awareness of our different skin tones, hair textures and facial features that represents the beauty of the African Diaspora among our children. So please do go ahead and back this project. Kindly click here

Happy donating!!! *waves & smiles*

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