Thursday, August 27, 2015

"My Lovely Hair" by Nigerian Illustrator, Ekpemi Tonia Anni

I recall joining a group back then in university created to encourage students to venture into skill acquisition. I was one of those nominated to assist with the Art club. That’s where I met Ekpemi. The first thing that struck me about her was that she reminded me of a Manga Cartoon…lol! And the second thing was that she was an Engineering student who could draw very well and ironically she loved drawing manga like characters…lol! Ekpemi was in a world of her own. I guess that’s another thing I liked about her.
Over the years she became a natural hair carrier, like me. Today, it’s nice to see her putting both her love for arts and for natural hair into an art illustration book. I like it when people I know are doing well in their ventures and using their talents to stand out.
Like I said on my facebook wall when promoting her book, all naturals should buy this book especially for your natural afro daughters! *wink* Let’s encourage our African sisters and daughters to embrace our God given beautiful natural hair *smiles*
You can buy a copy of her book here or here on Amazon

 Front and Back of “My Lovey Hair” by Ekpemi Anni

Check out her other “My Lovely Hair” merchandises. You could purchase here - My Lovely Hair Merchandise

My Lovely Hair Throw Pillow
My Lovely Hair Tote Bag
My Lovely Hair i-Phone Casing

My Lovely Hair i-Pad Casing

Also check out Ekpemi's website -

Happy Natural Hair buying! *waving & smiling*

   Collection of African Natural Hair by Nigerian Illustrator, Ekpemi Tonia Anni

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