Monday, February 23, 2015

Snap For Love Contest Winners: The Fakoya-Smiths

So on valentines day my lil sis informed me that she had entered my hubby and I into a #SnapForLoveContest by World 'n' Traveland (Nice one, Kiki! Lol!). And we had made it to the final TOP 10! Four days later, with about a 100 votes, we WON!!! *grinning*
Our star prize was a romantic dinner for two at Southern Sun, Ikoyi, Lagos. Other incentives included boxes of chocolates, a bottle of wine, World n Traveland souvenirs and discount tickets to any destination of our choice this year (Hmmmm....thinking of a Dubai trip *wink*)
Thanks to everyone who voted for Mr. & Mrs. Fakoya-Smith♥ God bless ya! And thanks to World 'n' Traveland for the treat....we enjoyed it!


Monday, February 2, 2015

The Wonders of World-schooling

I have actually considered home-schooling my children (There! I have finally said it! Lol!) Oya chill first na! Am sure you are all wondering, "Wetin dey do this woman?" ("What is wrong with this woman?" in Pidgin English). Well, it has been a thought "cooking" in my head (Thanks to my sweet, adventurous!). But honestly guys, home-schooling is NOT a bad idea.
Anyway, I have a NEW inspiration....WORLD-SCHOOLING!!! *drumming* Lol! So what's "World-schooling"? It has been described as “when the whole world is your school, instead of school being your whole world.” This link here gives a lot of insight to the term.
I came about the term 'accidentally' while checking some information on line. These following links sparked up my interest: How we took our family of six around the world for a year and 12 Things My Children Learned While Worldschooling This Year
I have been doing a lot of research on Geography/Travel & Tourism for children. And I found something on A Child's History of the World and A Child's Geography of the World. Can't wait for my children to start reading and exploring the world with us! *smiles*
Here are some good reasons one can consider World schooling their children: 21 Reasons to Travel Around the World with Kids…From Those Who Have Done It.
LONELY PLANET BOOKS: The best World Travel books to read
Check out some Travel Family blogs and be inspired *wink*