Monday, January 26, 2015

Share a Coke with...Nnenna!

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So Coca-Cola started printing people’s names on its labels. With this initiative Coke's sales has risen significantly. I first noticed this trend on a friend's table and was wondering how she got her name stamped on it. That's when I heard of “Share a Coke” campaign.
The initiative behind the “Share a Coke” campaign is that shoppers could choose personalized bottles and cans of Coke carrying about 600 popular Nigerian native names from A to Z and endearing terms such as “Bros”,  “Boss-lady”, “BFF”. The marketing strategy was created to get consumers to buy drinks for friends and family as well as themselves which appears to have paid off. 
It was reported that when “Share A Coke” first ran in 2011 in Australia, consumption soared by seven per cent. It has now spread to about 80 countries. Based on The Wall Street Journal reported research, Coca-Cola reversed a ten (10) years decline in consumption in the USA. Reports has it that a spokesman for the beverage giant said it was “pleased” with the campaign, which even saw bottles for sale on eBay!
Coca-Cola is one of the highest consumed drinks in Nigeria. But I bet they have made one of their  historic sales ever in Nigeria this January 2015! Because even those who don't drink Coke are scrambling to find their own names on a Coke bottle or can. Really fun! Whoever came up with this strategy is brilliant!
Got my own name on the Coke bottle....hehehe! Thanks to my friend, Sheila who found it for me.
So happy "Coke name search"!!!



  1. They had better have a bottle with my name on it. Not the usual boring 'Ify'...'IFUNANYA' *straight face*

    1. Same here name sake....I've tried Ekeoma or even my 2nd name Ifunanya....iI can't wait anymore. Ifunanya should have been the 1st lol

  2. Exactly... My name is Queen-Anne, I'm waiting

  3. LOL! Don't worry, ladies. Am sure you'll find "Ifunanya" & "Queenie"...just search HARDER!!! *grinning*

  4. Ekeoma or Ifunanya pls, can't wait anymore. Lol

  5. Ekeoma or Ifunanya pls, can't wait anymore. Lol

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