Friday, July 18, 2014

Motherhood: A Beautiful Experience

Motherhood is a beautiful experience. I just became a mother of a beautiful baby boy on April 5th, 2014. And men is he a hand full of love, curiosity, joy, blessing and a gift to our family *sheds a little happy tear*

Oluwadijimi Zinachidi Issac Fakoya-Smith

Being a mother comes with it's joys and tears (NOT sorrow,o!)

One of the experiences of motherhood is our change in body...inside-out. I have been trying to exercise (sit-ups), eat healthy (this is really hard, I tell you! I LOVE fooooood!) and to think positive and stay healthy so I can go back to my former size 8 from a "pregnancy induced" size 14. Am a size 12 now after birth. But honestly, it's hard! *sighs*

Came across the "4th Trimester Bodies Project" when I noticed a video on Facebook concerning #StopCensoringMotherhood. The video caught my interest so I clicked the hash tag and found this website. It's beautiful to see photos of women embracing their beautiful stretches, stripes, scars and all that pregnancy creates.

Well, if you're new to this world, like me, welcome to motherhood and the beautiful, crazy, great experiences it brings *smiles* And for those who have been a mother like "forever" (lol!), well done and keep up the good work *wink*


  1. Nice one mummy Dijimi. May the grace of the Lord forever rest on you in bringing the lad up. Happy returning to size 8 ;)

  2. Babes, remember it took 9 months to stretch the body before baby was born. Give yourself a minimum of 9 months to go to your desired pre-preggie state. Don't put pressure on yourself o. I have not done one sit up since my baby came (no time) but I walk about a lot and use that as my exercise. Of course breastfeeding also helps new mums to lose weight. Chin up! Enjoy the ride. It gets easier. Love you xx

  3. that's my nephew's feet right thurrr!! the upcoming soccer champ! hehe xoxoxoxooooo

  4. Thanks for the advise, Emjay! *hugs*
    Yes Aunty Kiki....that's ur Jim-jim's super-star feet! *wink*

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