Monday, July 15, 2013

Wedding Planning Advise!

Getting married or planning a wedding, here are a few tips my twinnie-sister-from-another-mother, Queenie and I  learnt while preparing for ours a while back…
1.       Be prayerful – You and your spouse to be shouldn’t be too focused on the wedding DAY that you forget the Married LIFE. Talk about anything and everything and pray regularly about them too. Let God be the centre of your wedding plans.

2.       Jointly agree on a budget and stick to it. Pen figures down for everything including the boxers and socks you intend to buy for the D-Day.

3.       PLEASE plan a honeymoon – Go somewhere that is far away from everybody turn off your phones if you must. There are budget honeymoons and fun places even in Nigeria that would be good for the initial intimate relationship and also relaxing from the stress of planning a wedding (believe me it can be fun and stressful at the same time).

4.       DON’T spend too much on certain things like wedding invites – the guests will end up using them as HAND FANS and DIRT PARKERS, you really don’t need an expensive wedding planner, just find a few very close friends and assign tasks to them from the start especially your bridal party – that’s what they are for, o!

5.       Be willing to spend a reasonable amount of money yourself (what you would wear, who would do your make up/hair) and also your pictures/videos.

6.       The Hall is usually better than the open field; your guests won’t be surprised by the rain or beaten by the sun, get a venue very well ahead of time and if possible pay a deposit to secure the date.

7.       Please! Please! Please! Let the bridal party PAY for their own outfits themselves. Most times your bridal train are your friends or very close relatives. They are there to support you to make your D-DAY a blast! Don’t stop them from doing so by carrying un-necessary burdens! What are family and friends for????

8.       Plan early – look out for promos every kobo counts!

9.       My favorite quote for intending married couples is: “Their Wedding, Our Marriage”. Weddings are not ONLY YOU & YOUR SPOUSE but also for your family and very, very close friends. Whether you like them or not, your family makes your wedding a WEDDING….with few friends who you can call family.

10.   Someone gave me one great advice while preparing for my wedding: During all the wedding activities, stop for about five minutes and BREATHE. That helped a lot. After all the months (and sometimes yearssss) of planning, your wedding day would pass like it was just 5 minutes! Savor the moment!

All these advises are not 'cast in stones'. Feel free to chip in your wedding advise for soon-to-be married couples. Let's save them some stress *wink*

Who remember's this blog write up? 9 Dresses, 17 Weddings *smiles*

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