Friday, June 21, 2013

Blogger Travel Mom Interview - Monique Rubin

Introducing my first Travel Blogger, Monique Rubin of Mo' Travels *beating drums*

I first saw Monique's blog while searching for details on Disney's Princess Half Marathon in 2012, last year. What caught my attention is the way she combines her passion for running and traveling. She sure has inspired me to want to ''Run & Explore the World''!

Please read her interview below:

Q. Please kindly introduce yourself
A. Monique Rubin from US living in the Netherlands with my husband and 2 daughters. I enjoy travel, running, cooking and reading.

Q. Describe yourself in three words.
A. Wife. Mother. Friend.

Q. Tell us more about your blog. When did you start it and what inspired you to start one?
A. My blog is about my travels, running and expat life. I started it 4 years ago just to document my life.

Q. How many countries have you travelled to?
A. I haven’t been counting, but quite a few.

Q. Where are your “Must-Travel” destinations for individuals, couples, family and groups?
A. I love Paris, Barcelona, Cape Town and London. Except for Cape Town, I’ve travelled to all the destinations alone, as a couple, with my family and with friends.

Q. You love running! What inspired you to start going for marathons around the world?
A. It seemed like a great way to combine two of my passions.

Q. Planning a family trip can be over whelming, howdo you manage travels with your family?
A. I offer lots of tips on this blog post:

Q. How do you handle your travel finances? E.g. Saving tips
A. By taking advantage of things like city passes which offer discounts on transportation, restaurants, museums and other attar

Q. What African countries are mostly visited for vacation?
A. I would guess South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania

Q. What were/are your challenges in managing your blog?
A. I am constantly struggling with time management with travel, writing and social media.

Q. Please give us your personal experience of how your blog has changed your life.
A. I look at things differently when I travel now that I have a blog, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s good to be able to travel and just “enjoy the journey” without stressing about how it should be written up on the blog.

Q. A word or two to our readers.
A. Carpe Diem (It is popularly translated as "Seize the day")

Monique Rubin

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