Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blogger Travel Family

I LOVE TRAVELING!!! One of my deepest passions is to travel the world!!!

Lately, I've been checking out bloggers who love to travel. I am really inspired by how some of these  bloggers travel around the world with their families.

I once did a blog write up about drawings I did as a little girl, who dreams to travel the world with my future family. Do check it out: Lil' Girls Dream BIG!!!

It's so exciting to see that other people have that dream and are living it! Looking foward to doing so too *fingers crossed*

I decided to interview some Travel Blogger Moms who LOVE to travel, not only alone but with their families.

Watch out for their interview and get inspired to travel the world alone or with your family or/and  friends!!!!

My Future Travel Family *smiles*

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