Thursday, April 18, 2013

30 Days Up Dos by "My Fro & I"

Going natural can be a serious, exciting, bold step to take and sometimes stressful to maintain. But what keeps the love going is that as a "Fro Chic" you learn to appreciate, love taking care and 'playing' with your hair.

Got a new kinky inspiration, Aisha of "My Fro & I". She doesn't just make kinky hair look good, but she also ROCKS it to the point you just want to go natural by force, if you ain't one already!

Aisha took up a natural hair challenge to do 30 different hair styles for 30 days. No repeats but slight modification of styles. Was very and still tripped at how she was able to overcome that challenge and boy am I inspired.

Check out her 30 DAYS UP DOS link

Also check out vidoes of how she did each style: My Fro & I TV

You can also check her Facebook profile.

Love all the 30 hair styles that I just had to show case them all! Enjoy and be inspired #wink




  1. i don talk am i dey go find lye............. heheheh *no Time*

  2. LOL! U are NOT a Kinky lover then! *folds arms*
    Enjoy ur lye :P

  3. Nene and queenie was almost considering relaxing this month but this is motivating me to just hang in there,

  4. I9 months since my big chop and even my neighbours dog has not seen my hair . May just rock it now that i have like 4 inches of growth .

  5. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. @Aisha - U're welcome. You're an afro kinky inspiration *wink*