Tuesday, January 29, 2013

S & S 2012

Can you imagine me going for a wedding a day before mine and being the Maid of Honor??? Well I did it! *shnning teeth* I had too!!! It was a promise I made a long time ago to my dear friend, that I would be her Maid of Honor on her wedding day. And when she told me last year (after I told her mine was on the 21st Dec, 2012), that her wedding was 20th Dec, 2012, I made it a mandate that I'll keep that promise! And am glad I did.

Happy Married Life to my home girl and partner-in-crime (LOL!), Shola Elizabeth COKER nee OLULANA! Glad we finally got 'popped' last year and got married on the same week. In fact, maybe we go do 'baby shower' the same month too! *wink*
Mrs. Coker with MOH

May you and your dear Seun Coker enjoy the bliss of marriage. Love you loads, hun! *muah*
The Couple with the MOH

Oko ati Iyawo Coker

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  1. Congratulations again, Shola and Seun. God bless you both! :)