Thursday, January 31, 2013


There are some special days you look forward to and pray that you never miss. Saturday 26th January, 2013 was that day, the day my dear secondary school principal, Ms. Ojudoh now Mrs. Obajimi said "Yes I do!!!" that day!

It was a wonderful day well attended by the Rainbow College family....from the Proprietress, Mrs. Odulami, to the Rainbow staff and alumni. In fact, it felt like a "Rainbow Reunion" seeing my old class mates, other alumni, our teachers and even the school environment (The wedding activities held in our school environment....brought alot of nostalgia *sigh*)

Happy Married Life to a woman that impacted not only my life but the lives of everyone that came in contact with her, our sweet motherly Mrs. Philomena OBAJIMI.

We LOVE YOU, ma'am!
 Here comes the bride!

 Bride with her entourage

 Dancing to met her oko (husband)

Pretty Edo "Bridal" train

 She don met her oko,o!

 Oko ati Iyawo

 Bride with her "baby girls"

 Aunty Bassey with her "grown up ladies"

 With Ufoma aka "My Pebbles", a Rainbow Alumnus and decorator/event planner of Mrs. Obajimi's wedding

 The bride arrives...


 Mr. & Mrs. OBAJIMI

With Rainbow College Proprietress, Mrs. Odulami

 With my Fine Arts & favorite teacher, Mr. Femi Adeyinka

 The Couple with Rainbow College Alumni

 The Chief Bride's Maid, Ms. Seun Oduntan with the Bride

 With the Bride

 Feeding her hubby

 The Cake

 Rainbow College Alumni giving their speech

 The Couple

Beautiful Iyawo

The Uzowulu ladies with the Iyawo

 Faithful Rainbow College Parents, Mrs. Okeke and Mrs. Uzowulu at Mrs. Obajimi's wedding

 Rainbow "Kids"

 Our Alma mata!!!

 From Rainbow Alumni Children to the couple


  1. Awwww !!! Am so happy 4 her:D she looks so lovely !!!
    So sad I couldn't make it :(

  2. Aww all praises to God. Looks like a lovely day. Thanks for sharing Nene! :) xx

  3. Thank you for sharing. May God bless and keep their union. Beautiful beautiful. pLease how can I get in contact with Aunty Bassey? I miss her so much :-(
    Its Eddy.

    1. edddyyy!!! hehe! glad u cud comment on the blog :D
      nene shud have deets on aunt bassey :)
      miss u babe!

  4. this is a happy day i would always bite my finger for missing, Happy Married Life to a mother of all

  5. For some reason i teared up when i saw aunty bassey lol oh boy, i realize now what i great opputunity i missed for not being there.In any case i'm so happy for my dearest princi HML to her may her joys keep multiplying. I hope we have another oppurtunity for a reunion in the nearest future, that would be wonderful. Thanks for sharing nene.

  6. Its so nostalgic to see old school mates *sigh* ...really sad i didn't hear about it, but whats very important and exciting is Ms Ojudoh is now Mrs Obajimi and she looks soooo Stunning. She is a very beautiful woman, and i pray that as God has blessed her with such beauty he'll adorn her marriage with same and also happiness, joy n peace. HML Mrs Obajimi!

  7. Beautiful bride. A happy and fulfilling married life Mrs. Obajimi. You are one great treasure to Rainbow College.....miss you so much.....