Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bridal Spalicious Experience: African Spa Ritual

As a bride preparing for her big day, it was necessary I gave myself some pampering. Preparing for your wedding can zap up all your energy and it’s advisable you give yourself some “TLC” (Tender. Loving. Care).

PEACHES N CREAM gave me the ‘TLC’ I was looking for two days to my wedding. I decided to do the “AFRICAN SPA RITUAL”. Don’t freak out! It wasn’t really a ‘ritual’ per say, it was more like a ‘cleansing’. This spalicious experience is an intensive, relaxing body scrub, polish and body massage. All the products used are local and indigenous herbs and spices. The ‘ritual’ was done in an afrocentric environment with interior decorations…very African indeed.

The African spa process involves intensive body scrub by the ‘Ritualist’ (Don’t be scared…lol! She is just a lovely female masseur dressed in an African attire to add a touch to the experience *wink*). The scrub is done three (3) times. After each scrub, the bride must have a body steam bath for about 10-15 minutes each, and then the masseur washes the whole body with water. Body Steaming helps to open up the body pores adding moisture and helping to cleanse the body from impurities. After the last scrub, the bride is allowed to bath herself. Immediately after bathing, the bride is taken into a tranquil massage room for a mini-massage for about 20-30 minutes. After that the bride is allowed to take a nap. For me, I had a facial treatment session.

This was a wonderful spalicious experience for me. And I recommend it for every bride-to-be. Do it a day or two days before your wedding and you would feel like a princess on your wedding day. I also recommend it for anyone that wants to have a “serious body scrub”….you would come out feeling extra clean and rejuvenated!!!

For more information contact PEACHES n CREAM (Spa, gym, health & wellness lounge):
Address: 7 Adedamola Ojomo Close, Off Bode Thomas Street, Lagos, Nigeria
Mobile no: 08023131330

Intensive body scrub by the Female Masseur 'Ritualist’

 Herbal Body Scrub: Local and indigenous herbs and spices

 'Ritual' Instruments: Metal bucket (with clean bathing water), local staw spoonge (for scrubing the body) and local broom (to clean the place after "the ritual"..lol!)

 Enjoying my "body steaming" 

 Facial Treatment session

Hmmm....feels good!  

Me with my pretty ‘Masseur Ritualist’ (LOL!)


  1. looks good dear . Do you have to make reservations before going

    1. Hi dear. Just give us a call on 08023131330 and we'll pencil you in within 24 hours(no waiting period).