Thursday, January 31, 2013


There are some special days you look forward to and pray that you never miss. Saturday 26th January, 2013 was that day, the day my dear secondary school principal, Ms. Ojudoh now Mrs. Obajimi said "Yes I do!!!" that day!

It was a wonderful day well attended by the Rainbow College family....from the Proprietress, Mrs. Odulami, to the Rainbow staff and alumni. In fact, it felt like a "Rainbow Reunion" seeing my old class mates, other alumni, our teachers and even the school environment (The wedding activities held in our school environment....brought alot of nostalgia *sigh*)

Happy Married Life to a woman that impacted not only my life but the lives of everyone that came in contact with her, our sweet motherly Mrs. Philomena OBAJIMI.

We LOVE YOU, ma'am!
 Here comes the bride!

 Bride with her entourage

 Dancing to met her oko (husband)

Pretty Edo "Bridal" train

 She don met her oko,o!

 Oko ati Iyawo

 Bride with her "baby girls"

 Aunty Bassey with her "grown up ladies"

 With Ufoma aka "My Pebbles", a Rainbow Alumnus and decorator/event planner of Mrs. Obajimi's wedding

 The bride arrives...


 Mr. & Mrs. OBAJIMI

With Rainbow College Proprietress, Mrs. Odulami

 With my Fine Arts & favorite teacher, Mr. Femi Adeyinka

 The Couple with Rainbow College Alumni

 The Chief Bride's Maid, Ms. Seun Oduntan with the Bride

 With the Bride

 Feeding her hubby

 The Cake

 Rainbow College Alumni giving their speech

 The Couple

Beautiful Iyawo

The Uzowulu ladies with the Iyawo

 Faithful Rainbow College Parents, Mrs. Okeke and Mrs. Uzowulu at Mrs. Obajimi's wedding

 Rainbow "Kids"

 Our Alma mata!!!

 From Rainbow Alumni Children to the couple

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kinky Exclusive!!!

For almost a year now, I have gone kinky and I love it! Keeping African natural hair is no easy “job” but it is so much fun especially when you’ve learnt how to take good care of it and learnt how to look good in it.

On my wedding day, I took a bold step to go natural. It gave me an exclusive look and I dare say “A bridal look with an exotic touch" *wink*

Thanks to my dear freind, sister and hairdresser, Chiwunma Akwiwu aka "Mama" or "Chewy" for the lovely 'artwork' she did on my wedding hair. She made my kinky hair 'the talk of the wedding'. She too is a kinky babe *wink*
Kinky Chewy Mama

One of my kinky inspirations is Nibi Lawson, Founder of “The Kinky Apothecary”. It’s great to see Nigerian ladies going natural these days. And it’s people like Nibi and her blog that have helped in encouraging it.
Some weekends ago, The Kinky Apothecary brand did a bit of a re-vamp which included modifying their logo, expanding their range of natural hair products and most importantly the launching of their first concession!

The Kinky Apothecary shop is now located in:

Address: L’Espace, 19a Olosa Street, Off Karimu Kotun, Victoria Island, Lagos
Opening Hours: Monday (CLOSED), Tuesday-Saturday (11am-8pm), Sunday (12-6pm)
For enquiries: L’Espace Hotline – 07028028960

So join the kinky world! And to do so make sure you stop by at The Kinky Apothecary shop at L’Espace to get your ‘kinky world’ going.

Check out their kinky products and price list: Shop The Apothecary (Click)

S & S 2012

Can you imagine me going for a wedding a day before mine and being the Maid of Honor??? Well I did it! *shnning teeth* I had too!!! It was a promise I made a long time ago to my dear friend, that I would be her Maid of Honor on her wedding day. And when she told me last year (after I told her mine was on the 21st Dec, 2012), that her wedding was 20th Dec, 2012, I made it a mandate that I'll keep that promise! And am glad I did.

Happy Married Life to my home girl and partner-in-crime (LOL!), Shola Elizabeth COKER nee OLULANA! Glad we finally got 'popped' last year and got married on the same week. In fact, maybe we go do 'baby shower' the same month too! *wink*
Mrs. Coker with MOH

May you and your dear Seun Coker enjoy the bliss of marriage. Love you loads, hun! *muah*
The Couple with the MOH

Oko ati Iyawo Coker

Bridal Spalicious Experience: African Spa Ritual

As a bride preparing for her big day, it was necessary I gave myself some pampering. Preparing for your wedding can zap up all your energy and it’s advisable you give yourself some “TLC” (Tender. Loving. Care).

PEACHES N CREAM gave me the ‘TLC’ I was looking for two days to my wedding. I decided to do the “AFRICAN SPA RITUAL”. Don’t freak out! It wasn’t really a ‘ritual’ per say, it was more like a ‘cleansing’. This spalicious experience is an intensive, relaxing body scrub, polish and body massage. All the products used are local and indigenous herbs and spices. The ‘ritual’ was done in an afrocentric environment with interior decorations…very African indeed.

The African spa process involves intensive body scrub by the ‘Ritualist’ (Don’t be scared…lol! She is just a lovely female masseur dressed in an African attire to add a touch to the experience *wink*). The scrub is done three (3) times. After each scrub, the bride must have a body steam bath for about 10-15 minutes each, and then the masseur washes the whole body with water. Body Steaming helps to open up the body pores adding moisture and helping to cleanse the body from impurities. After the last scrub, the bride is allowed to bath herself. Immediately after bathing, the bride is taken into a tranquil massage room for a mini-massage for about 20-30 minutes. After that the bride is allowed to take a nap. For me, I had a facial treatment session.

This was a wonderful spalicious experience for me. And I recommend it for every bride-to-be. Do it a day or two days before your wedding and you would feel like a princess on your wedding day. I also recommend it for anyone that wants to have a “serious body scrub”….you would come out feeling extra clean and rejuvenated!!!

For more information contact PEACHES n CREAM (Spa, gym, health & wellness lounge):
Address: 7 Adedamola Ojomo Close, Off Bode Thomas Street, Lagos, Nigeria
Mobile no: 08023131330

Intensive body scrub by the Female Masseur 'Ritualist’

 Herbal Body Scrub: Local and indigenous herbs and spices

 'Ritual' Instruments: Metal bucket (with clean bathing water), local staw spoonge (for scrubing the body) and local broom (to clean the place after "the ritual"!)

 Enjoying my "body steaming" 

 Facial Treatment session

Hmmm....feels good!  

Me with my pretty ‘Masseur Ritualist’ (LOL!)

Honeymoon in Seychelles

After a long, stressful (it was stressful, o!) period of planning for a wonderful wedding for almost five (5) months, the best way to relax was to go for a honeymoon in a far away island. I say that’s the BEST GIFT for a “just-married” couple.

SEYCHELLES, a place I call “Heaven on Earth” is the best ‘get-away’ destination for couples, whether newly-weds or married-for-a-decade. Goodness me! The place is just a HAVEN. My husband and I did NOT want to come back home after spending about ten (10) lovely days in the beautiful island of Mahe.

The Seychelles Islands comprises of 115 (One Hundred and Fifteen) islands found in the Indian ocean at the east of Africa and the northeast of Madagascar and South Africa. The capital is Victoria which is in one of the islands called Mahe. Their official languages are Creole (Local French), French and English. Seychelles is mainly a tourism economy and one of best honeymoon destinations in the world. Why? Because of its serenity and everything there is “natural” and “beautiful”. They nurture rare palms and exotic flowers such as the flora and fauna. In fact, Seychelles is a world leader in sustainable tourism, earning it UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Even as honeymooners, I’d advise you just don’t lay about lazy under the sun in their lovely beaches (though you’re free to do so if you want to!), get out and explore the lovely island. You can do so many things such as island hopping: take a tour visit from Mahe to Praslin to La Digue and their other satellite islands; try some water sports such as snookering, scuba diving, speed boat ride; visit the Marine Park and go under water to take pictures of the colorful marine life with underwater cameras; go on a cruise excursion; visit the night clubs or have a moonlight picnic; go fishing in the ocean; go on a city tour in Victoria, Mahe; check out some “Take Away” joints mostly around Victoria and try some Creole cuisine such as curries, grilled fish and noodles (I tried octopus curry….delicious!); take a hike: walking or let’s say arduous hike (because of the hilly topography of the islands), is the cheapest and most fun way to discover the islands (we did a lot of that and it was fun!); or move round town with the local buses (I tell you, riding on those buses is adventurous!); or you can visit the museum, galleries and craftsmen who are gifted painters and sculptors. There is so much to do! You don’t have to do all…just explore some!

As a tourist, there are two (2) “must-see” (in my own opinion) when you visit Seychelles: the famous “Coco De Mer” and the “Aldabra Giant Tortoise”. Coco De Mer is found only in Praslin, one of the islands. Nicknamed the “love nut” because the shape of the female coco de mer resembles a woman’s buttocks and the male resembles a male's genital organ! Hilarious but true! The Aldabra Giant Tortoises are found in many parts of the Seychelles islands. And men are they huge! Some are over a century years old….yes, o! Some of them are more than 100 years old!

For more inspiration, visit

To book your honeymoon to Seychelles or whether it’s a couple or family ‘get-away’ to Seychelles, kindly contact: Tour Brokers International –

NB: This write up is to inspire soon-to-be married couples, already married couples and one-day-to-be –married singles. So BE INSPIRED! *wink*

Enjoy honeymoon photos below:

Welcome to Seychelles, honeymooners!

 @ Victoria City Centre Market

Real Tortise???

At Beau Valoon Beach

 With the Female Coco De Mer :D

 Female and Male Coco De Mer

 @ UNESCO Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve

Welcome to Praslin Island

In Praslin Beach

Beautiful Praslin



 The Aldabra Giant Tortoises

 Me & The Aldabra Giant Tortoises

 Seychellios food!

Seychelles' Flag

 Island Hopping Fun!

Infront of Lavala

 Infront of Seychelle's Big Ben

With the Seychelles' Country Emblem

 Fad's Seychelles Post Card ;)

 Post Box

Fly Air Seychelles!