Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Natural Hair Workshop with The Kinky Apothecary & Celebrity Hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood

Celebrity Hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood in Lagos, Naija???? Now this was one kinky event I didn't want to miss!!! Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to go. But my twinny, QA 'represented' me and this was what she had to say about the event: 

So last week I got an email from my twinny – it was a request to feature in her blog (how cool is that). She wanted me to attend a Natural Hair meet up – although reluctant at first I said yes. Up until the day of the event I really didn’t want to go – not like I had other event or activities lined up. I would have just preferred that we attended it together – but hey I left my house and got to “The Wheatbaker” early. I was so early I had to wait for an extra hour before the event kicked off. While seated in the lobby I meet owner of – Kathleen Ndongmo, lovely lady that is very passionate about hair.
Then it finally started with Nibi Lawson (the host) welcoming us and apologizing for starting late – yeah they started at about 30 mins past 12. Felicia Leatherwood (a very beautiful woman I must say) started off by introducing herself and telling us how someone who knows so much about hair doesn’t have any –lol, her scalp is so clean.  She has been organizing hair workshops for the past 5 years in different countries and this was her first time in Nigeria. Please check out this link for more on her and this too for the You-Tube lovers It was a really enlightening and educative session and I have below some key notes, tips and advices to share with us all. It may be long but believe me it’s worth the read.
….from the mouth of Felicia Leatherwood
She started with the 3 myths of Natural Hair
·         It won’t grow – this will so grow because hair grows at least an inch every month but the for the little magic trick called shrinking, it would have been very obvious J
·         It doesn’t retain moisture
·         And you would just lose your edges if you go natural
We moved on to items we can find at home and how they help our hair
·         Listerine – yes mouth wash is very good for hair odor
·         Apple cider vinegar – cleanses the scalp
Other Tips/advise
·         Hot steaming is good twice a month
·         Make the change all the way – eat right, drink lots of water (its helps to grow hair
·         Shampoo every 5 to 7 days and condition immediately after- so like once a week
·         Shedding during the transition, use the protein treatment (avocado, eggs and honey)
·         Rinse hair with luke warm water always and end with cold water from the tap (not the freezer o).
·         Stress can cause hair loss – so breathe to allow oxygen circulate
·         A leave in conditioner is everything
·         Castor oil is great for hair growth
·         Use a product for at list half a year before you can truly determine if it works for you or not and stick to the regimen
·         Braids – always deep condition in between braids; so u have braids for one month once you take it out deep condition before you do anything else.
·         Tie the hair with satin and not cotton – or use a satin pillow case
·         Use an old t shirt to dry your hair by patting it.
·         No two hairs are the same
·         Peppermint oil + olive oil is a good combination for dandruff. Tea tree oil is also very good for dandruff
·         Know your hair texture to know what products would be best for you. Hair type 1 -2 straight to lose wave, 3-4 soft curl to kinky ABC are determined by the width and intensity.
·         Creams are best for hair type 4C while wash and Gos and gels are ok for hair type 3B and C
·         Use hair colours that are natural a few products are Henna and Naturtint
·         Deep condition twice a month when you have colour 
·         Stages of hair color transition (from black => dark brown=> to red => to blonde)
·         Shea butter isn’t a moisturizer but a sealant – so it locks moisture in the hair
For the baby girls….
·         Avoid any products with “phylate”
·       Wash hair every 3 – 5 days

Check out more photos of the event on Bella Naija
Pictures of the event from Queenie's collection *wink*
Natural Hair Workshop with The Kinky Apothecary
Q @ the event
Nibi Lawson, Founder of Kinky Apothecary
Kinky girls

A Kinky Practitioner

Natural Hair Products

Q with Celebrity Hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dara's BIG ONE Birthday!

My pretty god-daughter, that's my twinny's daughter, turned a BIG ONE on September 14th. 

A BIG princess birthday party was thrown for her and we had fun!

Love you Darasinmi! God-mama is looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!

Chewy & Chiago 2013 : Without You....

Congratulations and a Happy Married Life to my dear Chiwunma (my natural hair wedding hairdresser & dearest friend) and her beau, Chiago!

Words can't really express how happy I am for both of you. I feel so privileged that I was there to witness your lovely afternoon church wedding and beautiful garden lake view evening reception (Just HAD to describe it!!!).

Chewy, you ROCKED our natural hair as beautiful as ever!!! You surely didn't fall short, babes! *wink*

Enjoy photos of her bridal shower and wedding:



Check out the bride and her lil (BIG) brother dancing during the reception. They danced to one of my favorite songs "Chi" by Ocean featuring Vhicktoure

Monday, September 23, 2013

"Ada Ada" by Flavour - An Igbo Traditional Wedding Song

I LOVE this song! I wish it was available during my traditional wedding! Would have used it as my dance in/entrance song *wink*

"Ada" means "First Daughter" in Igbo. Would have been a perfect song for me! *smile*

More photos of my traditional wedding:!/nnenna.uzowulu/media_set?set=a.10151661463695760.620427.738720759&type=3


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

VBS 2013 - Athens: Paul's Dangerous Journey to Share the Truth

Every summer, I look foward to one thing, Vacation Bible Study (VBS) program. This year was not an execption!

This year, we went to Athens, Greece where the children learnt about "Paul's Dangerous Journey to Share the Truth in The Holy Land Adventure! In an ancient culture of where "anything goes", Paul's story inspired the children to share the truth of God's immeasurable love!

During the event, my name was "Aunty Dotty" which means "God's Gift". I was privileged to be both the Celebration Leader and the Operation Kid-to-kid (OK2K) Coordinator. I enjoyed every bit of the experience.

The experience included the Oikos, which means family or household in Greek, where the children were put in different groups with Oikos leaders and assistances. There were 12 Oikos groups.

The program lasted for five days. Each day started with Celebration Time, where everyone learnt catchy christian songs and dance steps and learnt the theme and memory verse of the day.
Celebration Time: Happy Day
Celebration Time: We Will Live Forever
After that, the chidren and their leaders gathered at their 'tents' for Oikos Time, where they learnt about Paul's journey in Athens. Next was Visiting Athens where they visited Bible-times Marketplace which included Olympic shop, Music shop, Pottery Studio, Geometry shop, Scribe shop, Toy makingshop, Food market and Operation Kid-2-Kid Mission place. It also included Paul's Adventure, where each oiko visited Paul to hear his adventures in spreading God's word. Then, the children's playground was the Arena Games, where they played various Greek games. After the markeplace, they went back to do another oikos time to discuss what they learnt for the day. The day ended with another celebration time and announcements.
Celebration Time: Day 1

Celebration Time: Day 2

Oikos Time
Music Shop
Toy Making Shop

Geometry Shop

Olympic Shop

Scribe Shop
Food Market

Visit to Paul's House

Market Place

Arena Games

One of my favorite parts of VBS is Operation Kid-to-Kid (OK2K). It is an meaningful service project that enables children to reach out to other children in their community by sharing God's love. This year our theme was "Let Kids Know They're Loved". We visited the Juvenile Welfare Centre (JWC), an arm of the Nigerian Police established strictly to dealing with cases of child abuse, trafficking, street and lost children. The VBS children donated food stuffs, clothings and shared a small booklet titled "God's Love for You". It was a heart warming experience.
VBS Kids preparing their Ok2k gifts
Aunty Dotty with the small booklet titled "God's Love for You" for the JWC kids

VBS Kids communicating with the JWC kids

VBS Kids communicating with the JWC kids

With the JWC Kids, VBS Crew & our donations
2014, next year, we're going to experience Moses and the Isrealites journey in the widerness: "Wilderness Escape: Where God Guides & Provides". Am already gearing up for it!

As always, I am humbled and excited to have been part of this program.  Enjoy some more photos of the program:

VBS Coordinator, Mrs. Chinyere Almona
Aunty Dotty & Uncle 'Paul'
An Athenian with his work

An Athenian showing off her work

Greek Foooood!!!

Oikos Leader with his kids

Aunty Dotty & her Athenians

Athenian Team

Athenian Crew

Aunty Dotty & her kids

Aunty Dotty & her Athenian

Athenian adults during celebration time

Aunty Dotty & her mini crew