Thursday, December 13, 2012

Captain "Crunch" Nene's Bridal Shower

Am still trying to recover from the suprise...honestly!!!! LOL! soon gona be a "MRS" in about 7 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes and 30 seconds as I write this blog update *blushing*

My lovely girlfriends did a suprise bridal shower for me. Gosh! Am I OVERWHELMED. What touched me the most was that they used my 'dream bridal shower' theme - Nautical Bridal Shower. I was dressed as a "Salior Bride" *wink*

I had a wonderful time ladies! A HUGE special "Thank You" to the following beauties for making my day:

Kiki (my wonderful lil sis & my MOH), Chewy (my 'right hand' lady & very dear sister), Q (my 'ONLY' twinny sister from another parent), NY & Enri (My August bday friends), Mama Nedum (my sweet university school mother), Chioma (my darling Tweety), Sholly ( my one and only partner-in-crime), Aunty Mercy (my BIG wonderful sister), Folu & Esther (my 'partner-in-holiness' girlfriends), Julie (my fine tall babez), Stella (my sweet lil sister), Boma (my 'partner-in-goodness'), Bimboooo (my lovely gentle lady), Ayeee (my lovely adorable school daughter), Eggirl (my home girl), Yewi (my gentle sweet friend), Rene (my cupcake), Ese (my beautiful sister-in-law-to-be), Vicky (my tall fine crazy model), Ada (my nautty but sweet cousin), "K" (my one and only Baby wabbit), Feyi (my wonderful caring friend), Chiz (my lovely cousin with a beautiful heart) and last but not the the least, Uche (my long time family friend who I knew before she was born).

Ladies, I LOVE you for making me cry that day....I LOVE you for throwing me into the 'river'....I LOVE you for making my "Nautical Bridal Shower dream" a reality...and I LOVE you for being in my life!!!! Thank you! Muuuuuaaaaah!!!!

Btw ladies, I LOVE my gifts!!!! *smiles*

Enjoy photos of my 'Nautical Bridal Shower'

P/S: Btw, the name "Crunch" was given to me because I LOVE to EAAAAAAT!!! LOL!!! *shinning my teeth*

 "OMG!!! You ladies caught me by suprise!!!"

 Here comes Cap'n 'Crunch' Nene!

 Baddest Cap'n 'Crunch' Nene

 "See my ring!"

 With my "From 'Miss' to 'Mrs.'" cake

 The goodiesssss!!!

 With my gifts! LMAO!!!

 Thanks lil're the BESTEST!! Muah!!!

 Thanks ladies!!!! LOVE YA!!!

 Thrown into the 'riverrrrrrrr'! Peaaceeee y'alll!!!

 How refreshing!!!

LOL!!!! Wet Cap'n "Crunch" Nene

 Cap'n "Crunch" Nene & her swimming crew

Doing synchronized!

Nene's Nautical Bridal Shower - Captain 'Crunch' Nene