Monday, October 22, 2012

CU Kings & Queens of the Court!

First and foremost, I must very proud of my CU Alumni B-ball Team (CABT)!!! We sure are the "Kings and Queens of the Covenant University B-ball Court"!

"Come all this CU basketball players we need to do we need to go to that CU and play against that team...lets see what they have on ground now" - This was the message that got we ex-Covenant University B-ballers to start planning four (4) months ago for a novelty basketball match against the school's b-ball team during our Alma Mata's 10th Founder's Day this October 22nd, 2012. 

Am sad to say that even though I was one of the organizers, I couldn't make it for the event *sad* But hey! The good news is that the event went well and my CABT trashed the CUBT, the school team!! I mean, we showed them that even though "we old don't mean we out" as Funmi put it! *wink*

I want to thank Funmi Uju aka Fleau for 'waking us up' and making this vision a reality! Way to go, girl!

I also want thank Moyo Shomade for making our jerseys and making us look smart! *smiles*
My b-ball kit *smiles*

And last but not the least....I want to thank Francis Obiajulu aka Bigbro, for making the lovely posters *hugs*

Catch a gimpse of the event.....

 L-R: Dolamu, Seun (Afoxy), Fleau (Funmi), Moyo, Temi, Nneka, Ada, Buzor & Carol

 The CABT - Female Team!

 "Errr....what you doing there little boy??? This is for ladies,o!" LOL!

 And here they goooooooooooooo.........

Seun driving in.....

 Ada doing her thing, as always *wink*

 The Kings of the CU Court!!!!

 And we're readyyyyyyy!!!

And he drives in.....

Back then in CU....the Covenant University Female B-ball Team. We ROCKED and still ROCK!!!!

Once a "baller", always a "baller"


  1. hello lovey! nice blog u got there...pls can u change my name from 'Dolapo' to 'Dolamu'...people hardly get it right, lol! so its okay...i wont bite on you just yet. Nice to see you one time at the training tho, we thank God for the love of the game still. chao!

  2. Thanks Dolamu! Correction applied! *smiles*

  3. Keke! Wherz d pic of u in ur jersey na?!

  4. lol at dolamu.... "for showing up once" men this my team mates are just clowns

    nene u no sabi ur team mate name abi