Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Olympian Mom

Would it be wrong for me to say that one day I would love to raise an Olympian?

For the London 2012 Olympic Games, Procter & Gamble (P&G) is celebrating moms around the world and saying “Thank you, Mom.” The campaign recognizes and celebrates the moms behind the athletes by thanking them for all they do and is founded on the insight that behind every amazing athlete is an even more amazing mom.

This reminds me of my younger days when my mom would show up for every event. I always made sure I participated in something….sports, music, arts….just to make my mom proud. I recall singing a solo “I had a Dream” during one of our school events. While singing on stage I was looking around for my mom and I caught her singing along with tears in her eyes. My voice grew louder! She had taught me that song and I felt so proud singing it with her there.
What about sports? She never missed any inter-house sports event! I made sure I participated and won prizes just to see her smile. One time, during one of the events, they called out mothers to run. My mom was dragged out. Unfortunately, at the start of the race she fell and got a bruise. Though we were sad she got hurt and didn’t win, we were glad she participated cause it made us proud. Also during my final high school inter-house sports, my mom was honored by being one of the special guests to give out prizes to winners. How cool is that? *grin*
Arts nko? She encouraged my siblings and I in our arts talent by buying each of us sketch pads and crayons. When I wanted to study Arts in university, she encouraged me to work towards making it a reality. When I won prizes for Art competitions, my mom never failed to show up.
During every prize giving day, she was always there. And of course, all her children always bagged a prize or two! We just had to make mom proud! That's our duty!

Mom has been our ROCK, our friend and our Big Sister. Yes, we do have our misunderstandings with her once in a while...that's why she's "a mom"! *smiles* Apart from God, I don’t think my siblings and I would be where we are today without her.

She may not have raised Olympian kids, but she sure is our Olympian mom. WE LOVE YOU, MOM!!!! *muah*

Mom and her girls!

Even on the biggest stage with the eyes of the world on them, to their moms, they’ll always be kids"

Have you thanked your mom for everything she does, every single day? If you have not, do so now!

Check out this inspriational video of an Olympian mom.


  1. our momma is the BESTEST! NO DOUBT! :D

  2. 16th year old Gabby Douglas is the 1st African American to win the women's gymnastics all-around competition. And this is her 1st! Totally!

    Am sure gona be an Olympian mom one day *smiles*