Wednesday, August 22, 2012

VBS 2012 - Babylon: Daniel's Courage in Captivity

VBS 2012 Babylon was a great event! Everyday was full of activities and energy. And like last year, it was fulfilling and exciting. We had about 120 children this year and great volunteers who made the event worthwhile.

Vacation Bible Study is an event we do every year during summer break for children. The idea is to get children to experience the bible characters come to life. VBS 2010 we visited Prime Minister Joseph in Egypt. VBS 2011 we visited Baby Jesus in Nazareth. This year, 2012 we visited Special Adviser, Daniel in Babylon. It was fun learning how Daniel was able to adapt in his new environment, keep his faith in God, have courage in the lions' den and how he rose to be a Royal Adviser to great kings in Babylon.

During the program, my Babylonian name was Aunty Anatu.

Everyday had a theme and bible verse that related to Daniel's experience in Babylon:
DAY 1 - "When things CHANGE, God is with you" - Hebrew 13:5
DAY 2 - "When you NEED HELP, God is with you" - Psalm 46:1
DAY 3 - "When you are AFRAID, God is with you" - Isaiah 41:10
DAY 4 - "When you are LONELY, God is with you" - Matthew 28:20
DAY 5 - "When you are THANKFUL, God is with you" - 1 Chorincles 15:34

The program consisted of the twelve (12) Tribes of Israel. Each tribe had about 10-20 children with a Tribe leader and assistant. A day in Babylon usually started and ended with Celebration Time.

CELEBRATION TIME with Aunty Anatu - "Awesome God"
After the opening celebration time, the children had their "Opening Tribe Time" with their tribe members and Tribe leaders where they talked about Daniel's experiences in Babylon. After tribe time, the children "Visited Babylon". This was divided into three parts: "Visit to Daniel", "Market Place" and 'Playground Time".
In the Market place, the children paid, with Babylonian coins, to buy and make things. The following shops were in the market place: Music shop, Jewelry Bazaar, Mosaic Studio, Metalworking shop, Astronomy School, Hanging Gradens Nursery, Food court and Operation Kid-To-Kid Tent.

Market Place

 Astronomy School

 Jewelry Bazaar

Babylonian Food Court 

 Babylonian Meal

 Daniel sharing his experience with the children

 Daniel & his counterpart

Playground Time

Sight seeing - Prayer Points from Children
I was privileged to be both the Celebration Leader and Operation Kid-To-Kid Coordinator. I enjoyed celebration time so much! Teaching the children songs and dance steps was a delight! Even the teenagers and adults joined in the fun.
Celebration Leader & Ok2k Coordinator

I enjoyed coordinating the "Operation Kid-To-Kid" (OK2K) program.  OK2K is an outreach, which gives children a meaningful service project that will change their hearts as they help other children and change the world. OK2K 2012 was a "Squash Malaria" outreach. The theme was "Let's Squash Malaria in Nigeria". Children donated money, food stuffs, mosquitoe nets and made cards. I was so touched by the children's donating spirit. On the last day, some of the VBS children and coordinators went to visit an ophanage called Lagos State Children Centre. We taught the orphanage children some of our celebration songs and dance steps and gave our donation. After the visit, the children explained what they learnt about giving to others.
 Operation Kid-To-Kid Tent

 OK2K STOP Malaria cards done by the VBS children

 Bug-prayer clips  + STOP Malaria cards

A Visit to the Orphanage

I would like to specially thank my OK2K Assistant, Fortune for helping with the OK2K Tent.
Fortune, OK2K Assistant & Aunty Anatu

Next year, VBS 2013, we are going to Athens, Greece, where we would "Escape to Athens with Paul". In VBS 2013 - "Paul's Dangerous Journey to Share the Truth", imagine leaving a life of privilege and power to face angry mobs, painful imprisonment and chain breaking earthquakes - all to spread the life-changing truth of God's love. We are going to learn about Apostle Paul! Paul would inspire both children and adults to share the truth of God's immeasurable love. Don't miss it!


  1. i weally hope i wd be able to volunteer next year :)

  2. Nice one. God will continue to strengthen you.

  3. Very lovely concept. Great way for the kids to learn all about God and have fun too!

    Keep it up dear. God bless you.