Monday, July 2, 2012

Peaches n Cream - Massage Away!

Stress causes body pain....everybody knows that. So when I keep saying I need a massage or that I need a spa treatment, I am justified!

Last weekend, I dragged a friend to Peaches n Cream, a Spa Health & Wellness Lounge in Surulere, Lagos, for our first massage experience. And men was it a SPAlicious experience! I'm going to repeat it and I'd encourage everyone to do it once in a while. Living in a country and most especially a state plus also in a season/time where stress has become "part-of-our-lives", giving yourself that treat is a 'NECESSITY'. And hey, it's affordable.

I did a Full Body Massage, where my body was 'tendered' from head to toe for one full hour. After the 'treatment', I slept like a baby for almost one hour. If not that I recalled I came with someone and was sure the person was waiting for me, would have slept the more! *grinning*

I recommend "Peaches n Cream" as the place to go for your FULL BODY MASSAGE and your spa treatment!

Do you know that peach and cream is a body treatment? They say the mixture is perfect for skin in need of INTENSE conditioning! I know the idea behind that name.

Click and check out their website and their contact details.

Peaches n Cream (Spa Health & Wellness Lounge)
136 Bode Thomas Street, Surulere.

Lagos. Nigeria
Tel: +234 809-PEACHES(732-2437),
+234 1 480 3034, +234 0802-313-1330
Blackberry Pin: 288C795E


  1. so the place is worth it........ you know how i felt after Momo R took me for mine...... and this period i'm thinking of another one....

    ...btw was this friend Male or Female

  2. of d pros of havin a big sis is dt u get spoilt..ROTTEN! july is my spa mnth..nd its finally hereeee!!! nd yes..i shall ask d same questn as queenie..male or female? *straightface*

  3. @Q & Kiki - See una mouths! *sticking tongue at una*

  4. Obiajulu FrancisJuly 3, 2012 at 12:41 AM

    Lil Sis thanks for the info. I need a massage badly. I hope there are ladies that will massage me because i dont think i will like a dude's hand on my body.

  5. @Big bro - Na! No male hands! Na female hands! *wink* Hurry they have a promo on at the moment! Grab your SPAlicious moment NOW!!!