Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Acting Like a lady...but Thinking Like a MAN!

I normally don't talk about a movie unless it's that good and I learnt something BIG from it. This is a MUST watch movie for everyone....well not exactly everyone *shinning my teeth* It's PG 18!!!! So you know yourselves, o!

Went to see it with my sister at the Ozone Cinema, Yaba. From the beginning to the end of the movie, I kept laughing. It was so bad that I mistakenly kicked a guy sitting infront of me. My sister and I had to seriously apologize to the dude.

Would not give you a "sneak-peek" of the movie...that would spoil the fun. So go watch it asap!

Check out the preview....that's if you have not already seen it.

Also check out the sound track of the movie "Think Like A Man" by Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo featuring Rick Ross

P/S: My twinny, sent me the e-book of  "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" by Steven Harvey. It was his book that inspired the movie *grinning* Am sure this guy's book is gonna become a "Best Seller" after people watch this movie.


  1. loool...still cnt stop singing John Legend's 'Tonight (Best You've Ever Had)' hit since we watched it...evn though I wsnt into d song before...Taraji Henson and Michael Ealy..the best pair in the movie *sigh* Now i want a man dat can cook lmao!

  2. See your mouth! LOL! Don't worry, that kinda man is coming soon! *wink*