Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Venus Sunshine!

Beautiful Venus & the Sun

I have a friend who is crazy about Planet Venus. Infact the way he talks about Venus, you would think it's his girlfriend! Of course, because of his love for Venus he usually shows me where "she" is situated in the clear skies of the night. "She" is a beauty, I'd say! My friend's love for Venus reminds me of the firefly in the Disney animated movie, "The Princess and the Frog". Ray, a Cajun firefly had an unrequited love for the Evening Star, which he believes is another firefly named "Evangeline".  *grinning*

Last week he told me about the Venus Transit that was going to happen on the 5th and 6th of June. This event occurs when beautiful Venus passes across the face of the sun, producing a silhouette which gives it a magnificent view. I was looking foward to it but unfortunately, West Africa could not experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to see something magical and historical!!

This is how it works!!!
The 7-hour transit of Venus, is something that won’t repeat itself again until December 11, 2117  and December 2025. The last transit was in June 8, 2004.

Venus 2012 (or Venus transit) was seen on Earth and visible from the Western Pacific Ocean, Northwesternmost North America, Northeastern Asia, Japan, the Philippines, Eastern Australia, New Zealand, and high Arctic locations including northernmost Scandinavia, Iceland and Greenland. So unfair!!! Wish I had watched it LIVE!! I tried watching it on National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) website but it didn't feel the same way, if seen with naked eyes.

If  am still alive by December 11, 2117, I would ensure I travel to the most visble spot/country to watch this historic and once in a life time event. Wish me success in 105 years time *wink*

World Visibility Map for June 5th - 6th, 2012 Venus Transit


  1. Completely missed this, only found out about it, when I stumbled on BBC News 24 later that night on the 6th (or was it the 7th, after midnight?). At least there had a picture...

  2. i wish u luck oh! but dnt forget to buy me a ticket by den too..cos if ure alive, id definitely be too...who knows? we cud live up to 200 yrs and c d next one after dat too! *hehe*