Friday, June 22, 2012

Barbie & Ken Get Hitched!

I just had to share this! Barbie was and is still every girls' dream doll. She was my dream doll till my teen years. Though sad to say, I never had my own Barbie ( I had other dolls though), I always loved the doll houses, dress ups and all the Barbie collections.

Recently I bumped into two creative sites that FINALLY got Barbie and her long time boyfriend, Ken hitched in two different cultures! One is a Nigerian traditional wedding by a Nigerian, London based photographer, Obi Nwokedi. The other is a white wedding by French photographer, Beatrice de Guigne. Oga Obi actually go his inspirtaion from Monsieur Betrice's Barbie & Ken wedding shoot.

Click and check out these lovely photoshoots of both weddings....very creative!

Black Barbie & Ken's Nigerian Wedding by Photogrepher Obi.

Barbie & Ken's Wedding Ceremony by Beatrice de Guigne

Looking foward to the day I'd do my own traditional and white wedding *blushing*

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