Friday, June 22, 2012

Tribute to Ambasssdor Olusegun Olusola

There are some people who come into your life and make a positive impact. They may not have been there all the time but they have touched your life one way or the other. Ambassdor Olusegun Olusola is that kind of person.

I remember the first day I met him, my dad, who was working in his NGO then, Africa Refugees Foundation (ARF), took my brother and I for one of their Art & Culture Exhibitions. He reminded me of a grand father; very warm, welcoming, humble and fun loving. What caught my attention was the way he gave each person at that event attention as if they were the only ones there.

I remember when my dad died, he came for his wake keeping and said so many nice words to my family. He and some of my dad's co-workers helped with some of the burial event.

The first time my family really got to know Ambassdor Olusola was when my brother won an award for an art exhibition organzied by Gessomate Proffesional Art Society in 2003. That was their madien edition, and Ambasssdor Olusola was their special guest. He kind of took a liking for my brother from that day. In 2008, an art group called Mien Arts in my university, which my brother and I were members, had an art exhibition. My brother invited Ambasssdor Olusola and he came! It was wonderful.

Ambassador Olusegun Olusola was many things. A television playwright (Creator and director of one of most popular Nigerian television sitcoms in the 70s and early 80s, "Village Headmaster"), seasoned broadcaster (Worked in Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, Western Nigerian Television (WNTV) and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) as a broadcaster and presenter), diplomat ( Former Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia), defender of African refugees ( He handled several important refugee assignments in Africa, like in Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, etc) and a lecturer (Taught in the Institute of Journalism, 1973 – 1974). He was also Chairman, National Festival Committee and the Nigerian Arts Council in 1970; Director, Second All-Nigeria Festival of Arts and Culture in 1971 and was appointed Vice-Chairman, Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria Planning Committee for the All African Games in 1973. He was founder of both Ajibulu Moniya Art Gallery and AREF (African Refugees Foundation).

But to those who knew or encountered him closely knew him as a father, grand father, friend, peacemaker, an art lover and most especially a humble man.

A memorable message to humanity from the Ambassador Olusegun Olusola :
“Wherever you are and whenever you can, lift a voice, a finger to assist anyone. Try when you can. Don't postpone it. Even if it is a wish you can communicate, try and do it because it may well be your very last encounter. And it may go a long way to save a soul.”


Ambassdor Olusegun Olusola, my parents and my brother recieving a Certificate Award during the First (1st) Art Exhibition organised by Gessomate Proffessional Art Society in 2003.

Ambassdor Olusegun Olusola, my parents and my brother at the First (1st) Art Exhibition by Gessomate Proffessional Art Society in 2003.

Ambassdor Olusegun Olusola analysing an Art work with a Rainbow College student during Gessomate Proffesional Art Society 10th Year Celebrations in 2012.

Miss Onarietta Remet, Guinness Book of Record World's Youngest Artist conversing with Ambassdor Olusegun Olusola during Mien Arts' Madien Gifted Hands program in Covenant University, Ogun State, Nigeria in 2008.

Barbie & Ken Get Hitched!

I just had to share this! Barbie was and is still every girls' dream doll. She was my dream doll till my teen years. Though sad to say, I never had my own Barbie ( I had other dolls though), I always loved the doll houses, dress ups and all the Barbie collections.

Recently I bumped into two creative sites that FINALLY got Barbie and her long time boyfriend, Ken hitched in two different cultures! One is a Nigerian traditional wedding by a Nigerian, London based photographer, Obi Nwokedi. The other is a white wedding by French photographer, Beatrice de Guigne. Oga Obi actually go his inspirtaion from Monsieur Betrice's Barbie & Ken wedding shoot.

Click and check out these lovely photoshoots of both weddings....very creative!

Black Barbie & Ken's Nigerian Wedding by Photogrepher Obi.

Barbie & Ken's Wedding Ceremony by Beatrice de Guigne

Looking foward to the day I'd do my own traditional and white wedding *blushing*

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pocahontas & Me

Everyone who knows my craze for Disney knows my favourite Disney character is Pocahontas. She is noble, calm, caring, wise, brave, patient, humble, curious, outgoing, adventurous, peaceful, outspoken, independent, free-spirited...infact, she reminds me alot of ME!

My favorite Pocahontas song - "Color of the Wind". Anytime I listen to it, I remember that I should learn to respect people, nature and myself because we all are different colors but the wind carries and connects us all one way or the other.

Pocahontas - Colors Of The Wind

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Venus Sunshine!

Beautiful Venus & the Sun

I have a friend who is crazy about Planet Venus. Infact the way he talks about Venus, you would think it's his girlfriend! Of course, because of his love for Venus he usually shows me where "she" is situated in the clear skies of the night. "She" is a beauty, I'd say! My friend's love for Venus reminds me of the firefly in the Disney animated movie, "The Princess and the Frog". Ray, a Cajun firefly had an unrequited love for the Evening Star, which he believes is another firefly named "Evangeline".  *grinning*

Last week he told me about the Venus Transit that was going to happen on the 5th and 6th of June. This event occurs when beautiful Venus passes across the face of the sun, producing a silhouette which gives it a magnificent view. I was looking foward to it but unfortunately, West Africa could not experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to see something magical and historical!!

This is how it works!!!
The 7-hour transit of Venus, is something that won’t repeat itself again until December 11, 2117  and December 2025. The last transit was in June 8, 2004.

Venus 2012 (or Venus transit) was seen on Earth and visible from the Western Pacific Ocean, Northwesternmost North America, Northeastern Asia, Japan, the Philippines, Eastern Australia, New Zealand, and high Arctic locations including northernmost Scandinavia, Iceland and Greenland. So unfair!!! Wish I had watched it LIVE!! I tried watching it on National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) website but it didn't feel the same way, if seen with naked eyes.

If  am still alive by December 11, 2117, I would ensure I travel to the most visble spot/country to watch this historic and once in a life time event. Wish me success in 105 years time *wink*

World Visibility Map for June 5th - 6th, 2012 Venus Transit