Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i-SCREAM...i-CREAMMMMM Factory!!!

I was just craving for ice-cream yesterday! I was just screaming "I want ice-cream!!". So my partner-in-crime, Boma and I drove with a friend of hers to Ice-cream Factory. I've been there on several occassions. But yesterday, we decided to not just buy scopes of ice-cream like we always do but to atleast savour their other 'dishes'. So we ordered a waffle and a Cookie Monster. Here are their descriptions *salivating*

Cookie Monster
A scoop of Cookies & Cream and a scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough layered with chunks of freshly baked choc-chip cookies, drizzled with hot fudge chocolate sauce and topped with freshly whipped cream

The Classic Waffle
A warm Belgian Waffle with two scoops of Madagascan Vanilla, topped with caramel cream sauce and freshly whipped cream

Am sure your mouths are watering right! Ice-cream Factory is a premier dessert restaurant that offers American-style premium ice-cream and Italiano gelato produced and made in Naija! I hear that at least 80% of their ingredients are sourced locally. Totally cool. The environment of their restaurant is so inviting that you could seat there all day and eat ice-cream till you can eat no more! And the waiters....polite and good looking....*wink*. If you haven't been there, you better go there! Their ice-cream is truly one in the Igbos say "E gba nnorrrrr!!!".

Click and check out Ice-cream Factory website....heavenly!

1613B Omega Bank Avenue,
off Adeola Hopewell Street,
Victoria Island,

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday: 10am -9:30pm
Friday: 10am - 10pm
Saturday: 11am - 10pm
Sunday: 12pm- 9:30pm
Public Holidays: 11am -10pm

Cookie Monster & Classic Waffles....yummmy!

The Classic Waffle....heavenly!!!



My i-SCREAM Partner-in-crime, Bomaaa!


  1. NOOO!!! stop torturing me wif food!!! *crying* u owe me BIIIG TYM!

  2. Kiki love, the ONLY sister I have in the whole wide world....I seriously owe u! Sunday is around the corner!!! *wink wink*

  3. whoop whoop! sista sista day out sequel! yaaaay!

  4. I shouldn't be reading this at all!!!! I can taste it from my seat here.