Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maiden Edition - CUAA Lagos Chapter Launch

"People are the symbols of culture. Covenant University Graduates otherwise known as Eagles are the symbols of the new generation of global leaders. Solution providers are not poor for money follows people. It is our desire to influence the patterns of leadership from Nigeria. We are on a rescue mission as rescue remedies. Welcome to this online forum where ideas, networks are built for change. Welcome the CU Alumni Association... Soaring is what we do!"

That's what you would find on my university's alumni group on facebook *smiles*

Last week Saturday, 4th February, 2012, my CU girlfriends and I got dressed and drove off to the Events Centre in Ikeja, Lagos for our alumni's madien edition Lagos Launch. Abuja Chapter was launched some months ago.

My very good friend, Shola Olulana was contesting for the post of the "Deputy Co-ordinator". And though she lost to another friend of ours, Taiwo Adediran (am still beefing you, Taiwo), would like to say am very proud of my girl! Way to go, Sholly! And congrats, Taiwo *smiles* Congrats to every other person that was elected for the other posts. Looking foward to seeing CU Eagles make more impact in Lagos and the world as we were destined to!

My dear Shola Olulana

It was great seeing old faces that I've not seen since graduation and since like forever! Well done, CUAA Officials!

*In my thoughts: "Maybe I'd contest in the next elections"* (grinning)

Me @ The CUAA Lagos Chapter Launch


  1. Nne, twas good seeing you @ the event. This is the only post i have seen online on this event. Thanks for the beautiful rendition of how it started. O.A. Fad

  2. Nneeeeeeeeee...
    You are fabulous, wonderful, and precious.
    Thanks for your time and unflinching support at all times.
    I love you and wish you the best in your political career in the future, who knows, we might work together in the next phase.

    Gracias Amigo... Shola Olulana

  3. LOL! Political career??? Hmmm...I'd either be the 1st Lady or the Minister of Culture & Tourism *wink* Anything for u,Sholly! Am so proud of u!Looking foward to us doing more stuff together...as always *smiles*

  4. U R never discouraged...Phew!!!
    U def cant change, Got your back baby, Any day, Any time.

    Kegs of Love


  5. congrats taiwo my baby and to everyone else