Thursday, January 5, 2012

Claire Hummel's Princesses: Historical Princesses*

Yet again, Claire Hummel has done it! This time potraying the Disney Princesses in old historical costumes....pretty interesting. Enjoy!

Ariel: Dressed based in 1890′s evening gown fashion

Aurora: Dressed based in the year 1485

Belle: Dressed based in 1770′s French court fashion

Cinderella: Dressed based in the mid-1860′s

Mulan: Dressed based on historical textiles and hanfu kimono

Pocahontas: Dressed based in 17th century Powhatan costume (Red Indian clan)

Jasmine:Dressed based on rare drawings of Pre-Islamic Middle Eastern/Persian fashion

Rapunzel: Dresses based in 16th century (the slashed sleeves) and 18th (Keane's initial inspiration)

Snow White: Dressed based in early 16th century Germany

Tiana: Dressed based in the 1920 during the Jazz Age

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