Sunday, December 4, 2011

My "twinny's" Wedding - IfeQ2011


The 3rd of December, 2011 was a "double" celebration day for me. My younger brother was celebrating his birthday and my 'sister-from-another-mother' also known as my 'twinny', Queen-Anne, was getting married!!!!!

I had the honor of being her "Maid of Honor" honorable role, I'd say.

Mr. & Mrs. Ifekoya, just want to wish you both the happiest marriage ever! I love una to 'bits and pieces'. Happy Married life!!!!

Check out their website: IfeQ2011
Password: IfeQ2011

Bridal Train's Shoes & Flowers

My "Twinny" Bride & I in Edo Native attire during her Traditional Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Ifekoya


  1. So sweet!!!
    Wish them loads of happiness>>>>
    Nene, put up pictures for us nau, abeg!

  2. Nene you are the bestest friend ever! oh uh - Bestest Sister - I love you to Bits

  3. Thanks Nene...a true friend and sister u are... I'm still so sad i couldn't be there..

  4. awwh David - I still Love you... hugs and kisess