Tuesday, December 27, 2011

9 Dresses, 17 Weddings

Have you watched “27 Dresses” starring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden? Watch it and you’d know why I named my blog write up, “9 Dresses, 17 weddings" *smiling*

I have been to twelve (12) wedding this year…missed five if not it would have been seventeen (17) weddings!!! Shocked??? Yeah…I know, I should win the female category of the “Most Wedding Attendee” award for 2011 *cheering*

To top it all, I have been on nine (9) bridal trains. Was in five bridal trains this year, four as a bride’s maid and one as a Maid of Honor. Again, I think I deserve to win or to be nominated for the female category of the “Most Bridal Train Attendee” award for 2011 *another cheer* Though I have a feeling some people have done more bridal trains that I have this year….just a thought…*grinning*

So, in my today’s blog write up, I would like to showcase my “9 Dresses” as a “Bridal Train Attendee”. Enjoy! (Pardon me....am still looking for two of my bridal train pix...*sad*)

Monnie's wedding

Chinedu's wedding

Esther's wedding

Ifeoma's wedding

Folusho's wedding

Queen-Anne's wedding

Bimbo's wedding

Also would love to dedicate my blog write up to all the 16 Couples that got married this year. I wish you all a “Happy Married Life”!

Mr. & Mrs. Efe

Mr. & Mrs. Gbadegbo

Mr. & Mrs. Omotayo

Mr. & Mrs. Emeghara

Mr. & Mrs. Akomolafe

Mr. & Mrs. Fakoya-Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Okeke

Mr. & Mrs. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Solabomi

Mr. & Mrs. Ifekoya

Mr. & Mrs. Atobatele

Mr & Mrs. Ishola

Mr. & Mrs. Oamen

Mr. & Mrs. Aloy Okeke

Mr. & Mrs. Akintayo

Mr. & Mrs. Okorie

Mr. & Mrs. Wadsworth


  1. wow...im speechless...you should really win those awards...lol...nice dresses splendid

  2. You are something else! Please don't make us wear them dresses when its your turn NEXT YEAR o!!!
    Love you to bits darling

  3. @Funmi - I try,o! Next year...hmmmm...make I no say anything yet *zip mouth & smiles*
    @Q - My dear....just pray hard that I don't make una wear una BM dress NEXT YEAR,o! *sticking my tongue @ u*

  4. When U asked me for pictures, I assumed you were doing this...
    I am soo proud of you honey. Remember your promise?
    Mine should be the next, sooner than you imagine.
    Will always love you darl...

  5. @Sholly - Amen love! I do remember my promise dear...am all ready for u! *hugs & kisses*

  6. hmmmm..... you have a thing for collections... this is beautiful and inspiring !!!

    Queen-Anne's wedding dress (Elegant!!! With the yellow and purple combo? who else can do that?)

    Folusho's wedding dress (Simple on point...)

    Bimbo's wedding dress (Beautiful....)

    Ifeoma's wedding (Cute...)

    Esther's wedding (Love the Simplicity)

    Chinedu's wedding (Crazy.....)

  7. Thank you!!! lol! Love the way you classified each pix! Glad u like them. Cheers!

  8. Yeup! Dts my sis! Nd y'all beta grab ur horses cs I'm d next chief bridesmaid..for her wedding of course! Hehe!

  9. @Kiki - My one and ONLY sister and ONLY Maid of Honor!!! I'm sure ur even over ready...keep ur fingers crossed! *wink*

  10. LOL...funny how life plays out...one year later! now you are next...ABI?? *hugs* God bless you :)

  11. Funny how time passes and how the confessions of the heart comes to pass *smiles*

    Am now MRS. Nnenna Fakoya-Smith and my dear Shola, whose wedding was a day before mine and I was her Maid-of-Honor (a promise kept! *wink*) is now MRS. Shola Coker!!! Praise God!!!

    Chewy, you're next!!! SEPT 2013 here we come!! Yaaaay!!!!!

  12. So cool... So did u eventually find the remaining 2 pictures...