Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Google Doodles,ooooo!!!!

I just had to write something about Google Doodles!!!

Oh my goodnesss....Google never stops to amaze and excite me with their doodles design! I always look forward to seeing a new Google Doodle design eveytime I open my google page. Infact, am looking forward to designing one myself! I mean I just saw some Google Doodle designs by 6 years, 10 years, 17 years old kids!!!! So why wouldn't I be inspired!!!

Watch out people....my Google Doodle is coming sooooon!!! *wink*
And am serious....as always....*grinning*

Check out the artworks done by some talented kids for Doodle 4 Google.

Google Doodles here I comeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Just incase you want to join me and design your own Google Doodle, here are some tips from the master doodler himself, Dennis Hwang, Google Webmaster:

1. Make sure your design complements the shape of the letters in the Google logo, but don't let that restrict your creativity.
2. Experiment with different media to see which one works best for your design (you can even create your doodle on your PC).
3. Don't over-complicate your design – simpler images often have the most impact.
4. Remember that your design could end up on the Google homepage, so imagine how it will look on screen.
5. Remember to use color well and think about how it interacts with a white background.
6. Avoid commercial or copyrighted images.
7. Think outside the box – try to create a doodle that's different from your classmates and hasn't been done before.
8. Feel free to use the space behind and in front of the Google letters, but try to maintain your design's overall balance.
9. Have fun! "Doodle 4 Google" is all about creativity and enjoying designing fun things. Think about how you want to change the world.

Inspired yet????

Here are some of my favorite Doodle 4 Google designs:

"GOOGLE NOIR" by Megan Kelchner Age 16

"DESIGNING THE FUTURE" by Alexis Zaborac Age 16

"SPACE LIFE" by Matteo Lopez Age 7

"BE FRIEND NATURE" by Lu Ruth Xu Age 16

"PROTECT OUR ANIMALS OF THE WORLD" by Isabella Valasco Age 8

"THE WORLD IS MY CANVAS" by Hannah Ericsson Age 11

"UNTITLED" by Shelby Netwon Age 14

"UNTITLED" by Regan Young Age 12

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  1. 'The world ȋ̊ڪ my canvas' ȋ̊ڪ xtraordinary..especially d fact dt it ws done by an eleven year old! Chai! I nid to up my a-game in art o!