Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steelo, Son of Zion

Ok! I have to give it to my cousin, Onyebuchi Ekwomadu aka Steelo!

I remember the day, he and his brothers rapped for me for the first time...they reminded me of "Boyz to Men"...the rap version that is...lol! I felt so proud to have cousins with such talent.

Now am proud to see my cousin using his rap talent to glorify God. What better way to use your talent!!! Ironically, I read about the "Talent Parable" during my devotional this morning (Matthew 25:13-30).

God is proud of you, cuz! Continue to glorify Him with all you've got!!!

LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ALBUM FOR FREE NOW (for a limited time)- http://steelo1.bandcamp.com/

Artists - Steelo ft. Brotha Mac
Song - My Church
Album - Son Of Zion
SoulFire Diamond Entertainment

Just had to share this too....WOMAN *smiling*


  1. Wow !! Well done cuz. Love ya !! Tobe

  2. very nice!! keep the good work going..chizys-spyware.blogspot.com

  3. Wow cuz .... neva told you this but first time I saw this blog .... was completely blown away !!! It's so amazing, keep it up, am proud of you !!! And thanks so much for this post, love u, always have, always will. Buchi aka Steelo.