Tuesday, September 27, 2011

KODAK Dream - Lil' Girls Dream BIG!!!

Anne & Sarah

Who I'm today...all the dreams am still dreaming and working towards bringing to reality all started way back as a child. Lil' girls do dream BIG, you know.

Some days ago I remembered that I had a collection of artworks my siblings and I drew about our future families....mine was a family that loved to travel round the world. My family included my two dolls, Sarah and Anne and two pets, a pink rabbit and a teddy-like dog (real toys too...lol!) with my imaginary husband. So I used to draw (with the help of my brother...."Thanks Afam!"...grinning)"my family" and I traveling to different parts of the world.

Sorry....I know I shouldn't be embarrassing myself...but this story is just too cute to not share with you all....*smiling*. So scroll down and enjoy the BIG dreams of a lil' girl. *wink*

P/S: These drawings were drawn in 1995.....

Kodak in England

Kodak in Canada

Kodak in Antarctica (I actually was supposed to write Russia...lol!)

Kodak in Toyland

Kodak in Brazil

Kodak in Africa

Kodak in Antarctica

Kodak in The Netherlands

Kodak in Saudi Arabia

Kodak in Ihiala, Anambra State,Nigeria


  1. Whoa....u still got these drawings?....

  2. lol! Yes Eimmmm! I still do. Strange huh? :)

  3. hhahaahahahaaa....wow! kodak really went everywhere...even Ihiala!!! lol, aww...big dreams my dear. this was really nostalgic for me...as in, the style of drawing! *sniff* lol

  4. Nene, honestly!!!!! I can't believe u still have those. The husband kinda looks like Afam so i'm a bit worried.....LOL. I agree with mama it is nostalgic.

  5. @Chewy - *sniff* yea...I do miss my drawing days....*sigh*
    @Tweety - Isi gi o di ha nma!!!! Afam ke? But nw u said it...hmmm...it does! But was actually trying u look like me dad! :p
    Dad used to use Kodak those days to take us photos...I guess dts why it was 'kodak-ish'...lol!

  6. what are you doing blogging you should get a career drawing..lol...nice thou.chizys-spyware@blogspot.com