Tuesday, September 27, 2011

KODAK Dream - Lil' Girls Dream BIG!!!

Anne & Sarah

Who I'm today...all the dreams am still dreaming and working towards bringing to reality all started way back as a child. Lil' girls do dream BIG, you know.

Some days ago I remembered that I had a collection of artworks my siblings and I drew about our future families....mine was a family that loved to travel round the world. My family included my two dolls, Sarah and Anne and two pets, a pink rabbit and a teddy-like dog (real toys too...lol!) with my imaginary husband. So I used to draw (with the help of my brother...."Thanks Afam!"...grinning)"my family" and I traveling to different parts of the world.

Sorry....I know I shouldn't be embarrassing myself...but this story is just too cute to not share with you all....*smiling*. So scroll down and enjoy the BIG dreams of a lil' girl. *wink*

P/S: These drawings were drawn in 1995.....

Kodak in England

Kodak in Canada

Kodak in Antarctica (I actually was supposed to write Russia...lol!)

Kodak in Toyland

Kodak in Brazil

Kodak in Africa

Kodak in Antarctica

Kodak in The Netherlands

Kodak in Saudi Arabia

Kodak in Ihiala, Anambra State,Nigeria

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pup booo!

Pets....always wanted one. But my parents wouldn't hear of it. Don't know if it was because they were going to be expensive to manage or the mere fact of having pets didn't thrill them. Funny enough my dad was a Veterinarian by practise and my mum had pets while she was growing up (though she wasn't excited about it...lol!). So that's how I grew up without one. Sad.

Once told a friend that my home would not only be full of kids but of pets such as a dog, a cat, a goldfish and a parrot! *smilng sheepishly*

Right now I crave for puppies like "Terry Yorkies"!!! I LOVE those dogs!!!! Currently, a friend is selling some cute Tibetan terriers and am iching to buy one. They are so adorable!!! Well, lets see....I may end up buying one....*grinning*

Aiit off I go to plan how I'd take care of my "pup-to-be".

Ain't they adorable????? Awwww......