Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Delicious Cafe-licious!

It's not every-time you get to hear that someone you know went 'all the way' to France from Nigeria to become a 'chef'! And it's not every-time you get to hear that the person came back 'all the way' to Nigeria to host and show off his cooking skills he acquired from France, the "Land of Exquisite Cuisine".

So here I was looking at my bbm and beaming when I got an invitation to grace one of my friend's special event. Fregene Gbubemi aka Chef Fregz was launching his 1st ever "food fiesta" at a restaurant called "CAFE-LICIOUS" at 30 Opebi Road, Next to Chrisland (That was my first school ever! I did abit of my creche/primary school days there!!*smiling*) in Ikeja, Lagos, Naija.

When I got there, I was amazed and happy to see people I knew way back from my university days (Yea....Chef Fregz went to my uni) gracing the occasion and showing Chef Fregz some love and support. The place was busy buzzy and full from around 9am to around 9pm! And the closing time was suppose to be 7pm but you should have seen how people were trouping in and out! My favorite meal for that day was Chef Fregz Special Waffles!! was a SINFUL meal...I tell you!!!!

Don't miss the second edition of Chef Fregz' Cafe-Licious Special Episode 2 come 16th and 17th of July, 2011. This time it's going to be a "Pasta Special"!!

Chef proud of ya!!!!

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