Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Enchanting Love

I guess you know this song "'L' is for the way you 'look' at me; 'O' is for the 'only' one I see; 'V' is 'very...very' extra-ordinary; 'E' is 'even'more than anything that I adore.....". It's titled LOVE by Micheal Bubbles. The wedding I went for last week Saturday reminds me of the song. And to be honest, I can't explain the beauty of the wedding in words!!! Been to like five (5) weddings this year.....(and still have about five more later in the year....lol!) and even though each wedding was unique in it's own way and style, I can't help but say that this last wedding was truly 'enchanting'! *nodding my head fervently*

It was a beautiful, drizzling Saturday morning, I was dressed in my Indian outfit ready to fly down to Eden Garden at Ikeja, Lagos for my friend's wedding. The wedding had a serious 'fantasy look' to it. Imagine a bridal train with fairies, elves and angels...Am serious,o!!!! The bride looked like a fairy tale Princess. The groom looked like a Knight in shinning armour. It was drizzling softly and the birds were chipping away....I was 'enchanted'!!!!! It was really a lovely church garden wedding (I'm def stealing this garden style for MY wedding!) and the wedding reception was grand! With the Yoruba, Igbo and Indian mix.....one can't forget that kind of wedding! I was in truly in "Ampersand"...I think that's the couple's fantasy land (I believe)! lol! So you can only imagine! You should have been there to understand it all!!!

Now what really prompted me to do a blog write up about this is the issue of "inter-racial" and "inter-tribal" marriage. It was a wedding of mixed races and mixed tribes....a combination of an Indian/Nigerian wedding and an Igbo/Yoruba wedding! Lovely combo!!! lol! The Princess, Igbo/Indian and the Knight, Yoruba.*wink*

The issue of inter-racial and inter-tribal marriages has been a global controversial issue for as long as I can recall. Racism and tribalism comes to play heavily in this context. But the intriguing part of it all, is that, the couple are so in love with each other that they refuse to see the barriers of each other's 'differences'. What truly binds them togther is that beautiful word called "LOVE". To me, the major advantage of inter-racial and inter-tribal marriages is to foster unity amongst diverse races and tribes. But usually, issues like cultural background, language barrier, religion and most especially people's mentality have made it hard for such marriages to work. Most times, the children of these "mixed marriages" suffer because they are 'rejected' or termed as 'outcast'! That to me, is so unfair, because they are humans just like everyone that is not "mixed" like them. I find "mixed marriages" fascinating because it's a fusion of two different 'cultural backgroud' whereby another type of 'tribe or race' is created!!!

Inter-racial and inter-tribal marriages, to me, boils down to tolerance and acceptance of both couple's cultural background. Enthnocentrism (that is the feeling that one's ethnic or cultural group is more important than others) is the psychological killer of 'mixed marriages'. The main and only fear is actually to try and adjust and accommodate each other's diversities. Come to think of it, even when you are marrying form the same tribe or race, the issue of "tolerance and accommodation" comes to play! I believe, we, the world at large, should just learn to accept not only "foreigners" but even ourselves.

I have witnessed some inter-racial and inter-tribal marriages and am so impressed with how they have learnt to accommodate and integrate one another's diversities into their homes. Like I previously mentioned, it is LOVE that helps the couple to overcome all the challenges inter-racial and inter-tribal marriages have to offer. By the way, God made us different not to discriminate but to appreciate His creations.

Wishing you the best your "enchanting love" has to offer, Bayo and Ej Akomolafe. Make God your foundation! And enjoy your lives in "Ampersand"!!! *wink*

By the way, Bayo & Ej's maiden edition of their "Enchanted" Ampersand Magazine, which they intend to publish every year on the occasion of their anniversary - "as they are able", kept me awake throughout the night of their wedding day. Again...I was truly "enchanted". Loved it.....! I’m looking forward to reading every edition that comes out! *wink*

Enjoy the song L.O.V.E by Nat Cole, the Original singer!!!!

"We should judge a person by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin (or tribe)" Martin Luther King (Jnr)