Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The "O" Lady

When I become a First Lady (grinning), my role model would be "Michelle Obama"!!! I so LOVE that woman's spirit!!! Now, nobody is perfect....she would definitely have her flaws (like every normal human being does). But I just can't help admiring her.

Mrs. "O" is a good example of a "PROVERBS 31 WOMAN". She is rare, trustworthy, kind, disciplined, diligent, energetic, compassionate, generous, elegant, influential, industrious, wise, a good home manager and so on and so forth!!!! You just can't get enough of her!

Recently I got to know of her "Let's Move" Campaign which aims at discouraging "Child Obesity". She doesn't only "talk the talk" but also "Acts the Talk". You could see her gardening with children, playing football, skipping, serving food at homeless shelters and soups kitchen, smiling (sincerely), giving warm hugs.....how many celebrities, talkless of First Ladies can do all that without letting their "title" get to their heads??? She is so down-to-earth. I guess that summarizes why I admire her alot.

Apart from her "Let's Move" Campaign, she is also involved in supporting military families, encouraging national service, promoting the arts and arts education (Her fashion style speaks ARTS!!!), helping working women to balance their career and family life and also fostering healthy eating and healthy living for children and families (e.g promoting breastfeeding initiatves). She appeared on Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary Program promoting the "green life" with and for children. She also promotes the "Organic Movement" which encourages people to eat organic food. She planted an organic garden and installed bee hives in the White House. True Organic!.

Now am sure you are all wondering why am "blabbing" about Mrs."O". Well, she is a true role model for upcoming "First Ladies" (like me....lol!). So, just have to write something about her (it's being on my mind). Mrs. "O" is an "All Rounder" : Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, homemaker, Mom-in-chief, First Lady, role model, fashion icon, dinner lady, serial hugger, sports lady, an intelligent woman ......you name it all!!!!! She kind of represents all a woman can and should be.

See below some of her photo that descibes who Mrs. "O" is. Enjoy!

The Obamas - A wife, mother & friend

Hardworking Mrs. "O"

"Organic" Gardening with Children

Sporty Mrs. "O"

Serving at the Soup Kitchen

Reading to the Children

Her "Signature" Hug

Playing with Children in India


Humanity Service with "We Serve Habitat for Humanity Paint"

Laughing with Wounded Warriors for the Bike-Ride-Participants

Broadway style

Mrs "O" during the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street

Mrs "O" during the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street (Video)

Each of the photos of Mrs. "O" speak for itself.
You see why I admire her??? *wink* Check out Mrs.O blog


  1. auuw, i hope that when i become a role model n a person to respect, i'll remember to b humble

  2. hmmm..u want 2 be a first lady? ddt knw abt dt..*raised brow*

  3. I was going to make a comment about last...But, instead I want to be President or Supreme Commander of the World...I'm not too picky...

  4. @Chizy: You can say that again!
    @Kiki: Well, Mrs. "O" has inspired me to want to become one (grinning)
    @Adobi: Not picky at all, huh???*raising my eyebrow*

  5. Don't hate on the Supreme Commander of the World...

  6. Nnenna, I am impressed about the thorough work you posted on Mrs. O, I am one of her admirer too. she is indeed a role model, a wife, mother and friend to many.... it takes hard working on her part to be relevant....