Monday, February 7, 2011

My BHF Write ups

Check out me write ups in BHF Magazine:
"XENOCENTRISM: The Killer of Our Culture"

"I Am African-Vintage" - Nnenna Uzowulu



  1. omg...kip gettin 'prouder' of d fact dt yre my sister...U GO GURL!! 2008?? dts a long tym ago nt 2 hv tld me abt it..*raised eyebrow*

  2. sorry my cutey dear, sister.
    I just rembed it some days ago.
    u know u no dey access internet like that b4 now (grinning). Hope u like the "I am African Vintage". Did u see how cool dad looked and how so cute and adorable I was back then??sigh...