Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Le Petite Marche (LPM) Experience

I've falling in love with costume jewelry! Never really liked them before. But recently I have seen some pretty but simple jewelries that can stand the test of time. You can wear them on casual, offical or just down to earth outfits! So I started asking friends where I could get some for myself. That's where I heard about Le Petite Marche, which can be translated as "Little Market" in French. I was told to check out BellaNaija's website for the previous LPM events and that's where I became struck with love!!!

LPM is an fashion event that holds every last Sunday of every month at the GET Arena, Oniru Estate Opposite Oriental Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria. The idea behind this event is for fashion lovers to come around and buy and also admire lovely "fashion teasers" like clothing, jewelries, bags, shoes and other lovely accessories. December 2010's theme was centered on "BuyNigerian Edition" which included a runway session. This edition was to encourage people to buy Naija Made stuffs.

I made sure I bought some simple but nice jewelries for myself. If you are in Lagos during the last Sunday of any month and you are a true lover of fashion, try and make it a date at the GET Arena. You would be happy you did.

Enjoy some of the photos!

Me @ LPM Dec 2010

My little sis, Ify and I @ LPM Dec 2010

Sasha and I @ LPM

I LOVE her dress!

RED HOT dress!

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

GET Arena


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    Oh living Aten who creates life.
    When you shine forth in the Eastern horizon you fill every land with your beauty.
    You are so beautiful: you are great; gleaming and high over every land.
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    ...thanks...sweet sugar...

  2. Nne, na only you dey go out take picture?
    Err...wetin dey happen in the comment above mine?

  3. @Adobis: My dear cuz, it aint my fault that I LOVE taking pix. As for the above comment....I believe its a fan :D

  4. hmmm..i dey fear o!! (bt i must say i do luk pretty in dt pic *wink*)