Tuesday, December 27, 2011

9 Dresses, 17 Weddings

Have you watched “27 Dresses” starring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden? Watch it and you’d know why I named my blog write up, “9 Dresses, 17 weddings" *smiling*

I have been to twelve (12) wedding this year…missed five if not it would have been seventeen (17) weddings!!! Shocked??? Yeah…I know, I should win the female category of the “Most Wedding Attendee” award for 2011 *cheering*

To top it all, I have been on nine (9) bridal trains. Was in five bridal trains this year, four as a bride’s maid and one as a Maid of Honor. Again, I think I deserve to win or to be nominated for the female category of the “Most Bridal Train Attendee” award for 2011 *another cheer* Though I have a feeling some people have done more bridal trains that I have this year….just a thought…*grinning*

So, in my today’s blog write up, I would like to showcase my “9 Dresses” as a “Bridal Train Attendee”. Enjoy! (Pardon me....am still looking for two of my bridal train pix...*sad*)

Monnie's wedding

Chinedu's wedding

Esther's wedding

Ifeoma's wedding

Folusho's wedding

Queen-Anne's wedding

Bimbo's wedding

Also would love to dedicate my blog write up to all the 16 Couples that got married this year. I wish you all a “Happy Married Life”!

Mr. & Mrs. Efe

Mr. & Mrs. Gbadegbo

Mr. & Mrs. Omotayo

Mr. & Mrs. Emeghara

Mr. & Mrs. Akomolafe

Mr. & Mrs. Fakoya-Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Okeke

Mr. & Mrs. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Solabomi

Mr. & Mrs. Ifekoya

Mr. & Mrs. Atobatele

Mr & Mrs. Ishola

Mr. & Mrs. Oamen

Mr. & Mrs. Aloy Okeke

Mr. & Mrs. Akintayo

Mr. & Mrs. Okorie

Mr. & Mrs. Wadsworth

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Teens' Love Feast - Hagaizo 2011

My dear teenagers in my church have been lamenting that they have not been taken out this year for a treat. Trust teenagers! *rolling my eyes* Early this year, I was appointed Assistant HOD for the Teenage department in my church....a privilege role, I'd say.

So Monday, 19th December, 2011, my team and I took our dear teenagers for a "love feast picnic" at Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, Lagos. That park is a lovely place to just cool off and rest + have FUN! Well, judging from the pictures below, we had fun.....

A special thanks to Tunde Amoo for coming to spend time to gist with my teenagers! They loved you! Honestly.....*smiling*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Virgin Group & the Space dream

Remember "MY SPACE CRAZE" story on me blog? *click on MY SPACE CRAZE*

Hmmmmm, e be like say I go soon go for my Space trip,o!!! *Just spoke in pidgin language...for those of you who do not understand, I said it's like am going to soon go on my space trip*

Yesterday, after a hectic day at work and school (doing an evening post graduate degree), I watched a program on MTV Base where some youths had a one on one chat with the Virgin Group guru, Richard Branson. In the course of his chat he mentioned that Virgin was working on space tourism. Trust me...the next thing I did was to google it!!!

Virgin Galactic is a company within Richard Branson's Virgin Group which plans to provide sub-orbital spaceflights to the paying public, along with suborbital space science missions and orbital launches of small satellites. Further in the future Virgin Galactic hopes to offer orbital human spaceflights as well.

Yesterday, Tuesday, 13th December, 2011 was even a historical day for Virgin Group as Virgin Galactic welcomes the announcement of plans for a new privately built air-launched space system, which could be the foundation for safe and affordable orbital flight in the future. See Richard Brandson's blog.

I told you that one day I'd go on a space trip!!! Very soon the moon would be included in the space trips! Whooopie!!!! I can't wait! Please join me in my SPACE CRAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Yaaay to Virgin Galactic!!! Yaaaay to Space tourism!!!!!

Thanks Richard Brandson for making our space travel dream a reality!!!!

Google Doodles,ooooo!!!!

I just had to write something about Google Doodles!!!

Oh my goodnesss....Google never stops to amaze and excite me with their doodles design! I always look forward to seeing a new Google Doodle design eveytime I open my google page. Infact, am looking forward to designing one myself! I mean I just saw some Google Doodle designs by 6 years, 10 years, 17 years old kids!!!! So why wouldn't I be inspired!!!

Watch out people....my Google Doodle is coming sooooon!!! *wink*
And am serious....as always....*grinning*

Check out the artworks done by some talented kids for Doodle 4 Google.

Google Doodles here I comeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Just incase you want to join me and design your own Google Doodle, here are some tips from the master doodler himself, Dennis Hwang, Google Webmaster:

1. Make sure your design complements the shape of the letters in the Google logo, but don't let that restrict your creativity.
2. Experiment with different media to see which one works best for your design (you can even create your doodle on your PC).
3. Don't over-complicate your design – simpler images often have the most impact.
4. Remember that your design could end up on the Google homepage, so imagine how it will look on screen.
5. Remember to use color well and think about how it interacts with a white background.
6. Avoid commercial or copyrighted images.
7. Think outside the box – try to create a doodle that's different from your classmates and hasn't been done before.
8. Feel free to use the space behind and in front of the Google letters, but try to maintain your design's overall balance.
9. Have fun! "Doodle 4 Google" is all about creativity and enjoying designing fun things. Think about how you want to change the world.

Inspired yet????

Here are some of my favorite Doodle 4 Google designs:

"GOOGLE NOIR" by Megan Kelchner Age 16

"DESIGNING THE FUTURE" by Alexis Zaborac Age 16

"SPACE LIFE" by Matteo Lopez Age 7

"BE FRIEND NATURE" by Lu Ruth Xu Age 16

"PROTECT OUR ANIMALS OF THE WORLD" by Isabella Valasco Age 8

"THE WORLD IS MY CANVAS" by Hannah Ericsson Age 11

"UNTITLED" by Shelby Netwon Age 14

"UNTITLED" by Regan Young Age 12

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My "twinny's" Wedding - IfeQ2011


The 3rd of December, 2011 was a "double" celebration day for me. My younger brother was celebrating his birthday and my 'sister-from-another-mother' also known as my 'twinny', Queen-Anne, was getting married!!!!!

I had the honor of being her "Maid of Honor"...an honorable role, I'd say.

Mr. & Mrs. Ifekoya, just want to wish you both the happiest marriage ever! I love una to 'bits and pieces'. Happy Married life!!!!

Check out their website: IfeQ2011
Password: IfeQ2011

Bridal Train's Shoes & Flowers

My "Twinny" Bride & I in Edo Native attire during her Traditional Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Ifekoya

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cruise the Mediterranean Sea

Imagine travelling to three countries while having one accommodation and one return flight? Experience they say is the best teacher. I have finally gone on my cruise! Yipppeeee! Seven (7) days on a ship was quite an experience, I’d say. Our destinations were Italy, Turkey and Greece!
The cruise was filled with loads of activities, wonderful adventures and unforgettable experiences. Each day,a Cruise Compass and Daily Planner was provided to jump start each day with loads of adventure.

Day one, my crew and I flew to Rome, Italy and hired a cab to the Civitavecchia seaport in Italy. Checked-in and got onboard the magnificent Navigator of the Seas, which was our “hotel” for the next seven days. The cruise is a cashless system; any payment was done through your personalized card/room key, which is called your Ship Sea Pass.

Onboard, there is so much to do that you may not even want to leave the ship! You could participate in game shows like Royal Bingo, where you could win cash prizes; or try the Casino; go for an art auctions, if you are a lover of arts…you would get a free art work for attending…I got two! For sport lovers, try rock climbing, golfing, basket-ball or table tennis; swim or use the hot tub or Jacuzzi. If you have never “walked on ice” try ice-skating and don’t miss the ice-skating show with professional ice-skaters. Use the fitness center to keep fit. Sing your lungs out in the Karaoke competition and become a "Karaoke Superstar". Treat yourself to a spa or even acupuncture, where you could release all your stress. Shop-a-holics can shop till they drop! Two reasons why you’d enjoy shopping onboard: all items are tax-free and they are given at the lowest authorized price. Also towards the last days of the cruise, some items are sold on sales. Watch theatre with Broadway style shows or just go watch the latest movies in the cinema. For the children and teenagers, Adventure Ocean programs are organized for them. They definitely would not get bored and parents could have time to themselves. You just can’t get bored onboard!

Dining on almost all cruise ships is included in the cruise price so you would eat till you can eat no more! That is breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, mid-night meals, name it! Try Windjammer, where you can eat till you pop! For exotic meals try Chop Grille, where you would find delicious steaks; Protofino, where the best steak are made, enjoy the most delicious ice-creams in Ben & Jerry and juicy burgers in Johnny Rockets. Eating onboard is a delight!

Cruising without shore excursions is not a fulfilled cruise at all! For the Eastern Mediterranean tour, visit Rome, Italy and experience the history of Rome as you wander around the famous Colosseum and Roman Forum. Check out the world's largest astronomical clock, Orologio Astronomico, in Messina, Italy. When the clock strikes noon, it comes to life! As Ave Maria begins playing from a loudspeaker, the bronze mechanical figures start to move, a lion roars, a bird flaps its wings, and two historical heroines take turns ringing the bell, all before it ends with a statue of Jesus appearing from a tomb. It is a wonderful “performance”…I tell you. When in Ephesus, Turkey, don't miss the chance to visit the once powerful trading and religious city and enjoy shopping in the souk. No visit to Athens, Greece would be complete without a visit to the Acropolis, one of the world's most awe-inspiring tourist sites. Wander through the fascinating layers of ChaniĆ”'s history with a visit to the Old Town in Crete, Greece. Note, the ship would dock in these countries on different days. Each destination requires the passengers to return onboard before sailing to another.

For more information check out Royal Caribbean Cruise website

And if you are interested in cruising contact my tour opeartor, Tour Brokers International. (Click)

I truly enjoyed my cruise and my new motto is ‘Before you leave planet earth make sure you go cursing”!!!

Day 1 infront of the magnificent Navigator of the Sea, our hotel for seven days!

Orologio Astronomico, in Messina, Italy

Golfing onboard

Mountain climbing on the ship

Ephesus Library in Kusadasi, Turkey

My Elephant Towel (Some days, the room attendance would design our towels in form of an amimal. Once he did a cute bat hanging on the ceiling)

Acropolis in Athens, Greece

In Chania (Souda), Crete, Greece

The magnificient Navigator of the Sea

My cruise crew with Allen & Hanni, our wonderful waiters.

Ice-skating onboard

Last day onboard the ship