Monday, December 6, 2010

TW magazine on the RUN!

Remember my write up on how I went to Nike Art Gallery? I said something about meeting Mrs. Nike Okundaye, the owner, having some snap shot session with a notable magazine in Nigeria. Well, it was my little secret! Was waiting for TW Magazine December 2010 edition to come out first before I could spill the beans!

Oh yes! That day I met the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, Adesuwa Onyenokwe and the Managing Editor, Kemi Ogunleye. It was an honor to meet Mrs. Adesuwa who I recall watching her "Today's Woman" program on NTA in my teens. That day, I kept smiling at her side when I saw her. After the photo shoot, Mrs. Adesuwa looked at me and asked "Do I know you?". I just blushed and said no. Then she asked if I had seen the lastest TW Magazine. Right there I was embarrassed because honestly, I DON'T buy magazines with MY money. I usually read them when I see them around...somewhere...anywhere. Well, luckily for me, I was holding the September 2010 edition (Whew! I had seen some lovely outfits on the Fashion & Style page of that edition and was planning to go see the designer, "House of Moofa", which I did at the end of that week *wink*). Then she goes "Oh you're missing. The magazine has a new look now." That week I made sure I bought MY own copy of the November edition. And I have resolved to continue buying TW Magazine!!!

So here is one the photos I was SAVING for this write up!!! *wink*

From the Right: Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Nike Okundaye and a Fashion designer.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Experience 2010

There is nothing as good and fulfilling as being in God's presence praising, worshipping and praying to Him with all your heart from evening till dawn! The Experience Lagos 2010 which held on the Friday 3rd of December by 7pm was truly an eXperience with God!

After work on that day, I used the BRT bus, which took me to Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), where the event took place. Gosh! You should have seen the CROWD!!!! The whole square was filled to the brim! People, including me, were spilling everywhere. I had to stand for about four (4) good hours, praisng and worshipping God. After dancing and jumping for another hour, my legs were aching me. Luckily for me, one "good Samaritan" brother offered me his seat for about an hour. Later I decided to look for a place to sit...even if it was on the floor (as long as I could see the artists' performance on the big screen). I found a place which was outside the was a large football pitch (I believe). It was also filled with people seating on chairs and on the grass! I was lucky to find a small space (on the grass) to "rest my aching" legs and also groove!!!

I enjoyed the performance of gospel artists like MaryMary, Don Moen, Israel Houghton, Panam Percy-Paul (He sang songs that took me back to my childhood days. My mum used to play his song so much back then that at a point I got tired of hearing them. But when he sang some of those gospel songs that day, I could not help but smile and sing along), Ron Kenoly and the Reggie gospel artist, Papa San ("Step on the enemy....."). LOL! I even saw one of my univeristy peeps backing up Mike Aremu, the gospel saxophonist. Felt good seeing someone I knew doing his thing for God.

The Governor of Lagos State, B.R. Fashola and his wife were present for the event. Even our President, Goodluck Jonathan was hiding! They said it was for security reasons. Anyway, the President spoke to us via the multi-media. Many men of God came out to give powerful prayer points for Nigeria. I even noticed that most of the foreign gospel artists made sure they sang one Nigerian song during their presentation.

Though there were times I was tired and even had short naps, towards the early morn, I could not help dancing away till dawn! The closing prayer was said at around 6.30am. With that I flew home to go rest and prepare for my Saturday. (smiling)

I enjoy my self. But I'd be honest, my best "Experience" so far was "The Experience 2008". I call that day "The Shower of Blessings Experience". About 4am or so that day, it rained heavily. And nobody wanted to stop worshipping and praising God. For about an hour, those of us who were not under a shelter carried our chairs on our heads as umbrellas and stood praising God under the rain for one good hour! My goodness! That's what we call PRAISE and WORSHIP to the Almighty God!!!!

By His grace, I would attend next years' "Experience". And I pray it would a much better "Experience". If you are in Nigeria in December 2011, make sure you attend "The Experience 2011" !!!

Check out the Experience Lagos 2010 website